Torchlight 2 (Torchlight II) Game Review

Torchlight 2 (Torchlight II) Game Review

Been wanting to try out this game for a while and finally I did and it was my best USD 15 spent!!

After buying the game at USD 15 last week, it’s now on sale at a further discounted rate of USD 10 on Steam

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Gameplay is a straight forward hack and slash. Just keep on doing your quests and by the time the story is over, you’re about level 50+.

From then you can choose to restart the story at a tougher level (which is fun) or just play the maps available through the Mapworks network to gain experience, gold or loot.

*Note : No fancy storyline. It’s run around. “I need this to do that for you”-quests all the way. No fancy plot.

Here’s my Berserker, 1 of the 4 classes available. I went for the Critical build. One thing great about this game is that you can set your stats, very unlike the nonsense Diablo III where your level 1 to 60 is the same as anyone else, it’s just your gears and choice of skill make the difference.

You could even RESET your skill points! 😛 But the system will label you as a “cheater”, but it’s not a problem if you’re out to try builds, right? 🙂

There are fun stuff like Phase Beast Challenge, many different challenges and rewards are good. It’s just that Phase Beasts appear at random.

You have a pet too! Though the pet works exactly the same regardless of whether you choose a bird, dog, cat, whatever ……… the fun part about pet is they fight with you. They can carry stuff and help you sell / buy items (refer to video, my pet has learned Barter skills to sell at higher price and buy stuff at lower price). The can also be given boosts with 3 accessories. The pet, like your character, can learn up 4 skills or spells. In my case, my pet has 1 for trading and 3 others for raising minions like archers, skeleton and imp.

Then of course there are bosses, there are mini-bosses and so on. 😀

While the quests are the same, the map is randomized.

I like that the drops are generally good. My character in the videos above are using drops.

Another feature I like about this game are ENCHANTERS – some of them are in town, others appear randomly. They could enchant up to 4 levels of additional stats to your weapon or armor, of course at a huge cost.

When it comes to death, you have the option to respawn in town for free, at the entrance of the map at some 10% of your savings, or a much creating % to respawn where you lay dead.

Sure, it’s really cheap if you only have 3,000 with you but when you have say 80,000 with you – a respawn could cost you A LOT!

And what I like is that it’s unlike Diablo 3 where the Internet connection speed affects your framerate. That’s total bullshit. 🙂 Oh and I even played Torchlight II at 720p with nearly lowest details on Asus Vivobook S200E! It’s decently playable!


You can create games and have more than 4 players join in your game.

It’s a multi-player dungeon hack and slash.

There’s no AUCTION HOUSE like Diablo 3. You can trade goods with your friends and contacts though.

Conclusion / Game Rating

This game is worth purchasing, for it’s fun no-nonsense hack and slash value, along with multiplayer and myriads of build available without being nearly 100% gear dependent like Diablo 3.

Torchlight 2 (Torchlight II) Game Review

Why full marks? Looking at the price of the game at this point of time and what you’re getting, a game with no major flaws – it’s really worthy of the score.

Should you be playing this game, then a good site to visit is the Torchlight 2 Armory. They have calculators and database for your reference.

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  1. simply superb. i refrained myself from buying D3 and found this. amazing stuff 🙂

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