Overwatch (PC) Game Review

I’ve been waiting to play this game for a long while and finally I got a copy of it thanks to an Nvidia event. 😀 So yeah, Overwatch is here and I’m a few months behind other players when it comes to this multi-player action but heck I got myself to almost level 30 now. Phew……..


I’ll start off by telling you that this will be my laziest review ever because I’m just going to show you my Play of the Game recordings …………… ok just kidding, I will show you the recordings BUT I’ll talk about the game, just for a bit.

BUT before I indulge in showcasing my glorious moments, let’s have a look at the trailer that was released back in 2014.

Nice eh?


There’s no story. OK well there is a story (obviously, it’s in the video). More detailed story is available at Eurogamer. Check out, have fun reading.

As for the game there’s no single-player mode, no campaigns whatsoever. Just go in, have fun playing against AI (this is not considered single player mode ………. .well, maybe it is) or if you’re like me – just jump right into the action.

Visuals and Audio

The game isn’t demanding and I’m even able to use the Iris Pro graphic system on my Intel Core i5 processor based notebook and game. 😀 I just have to live with lowest setting available for reasonable FPS.

For systems with graphics card, you’re in for a treat. Graphically the game isn’t stunning but what you get is a still a beautiful FPS shooter that is FAST even on aged graphics cards.


Overwatch is a team-based competitive game where 2 teams go against each other in 4 game modes – ASSAULT (one team attacks, the other defends), ESCORT (move the payload to the designated delivery point), CONTROL (capture the flag style, meaning 1 location but 2 teams battle for control) and ASSAULT/ESCORT (start by conquering a zone, after that escort the payload).

You have a choice of 22 heroes, they are classified under OFFENSE, DEFENSE, TANK and SUPPORT. And each of them have unique way of movement, combat and even ultimate ability (Doesn’t this remind you of MOBA games now?).

In your team you are able to choose whichever player you want, that means all 6 on your team are allowed to use the same hero and you are also allowed to change hero midway through the game to counter the opponent setup.

Your account level up based on reward points acquired through matches, the more objectives you complete the better ratings you get (medals) and you level up faster. Once you hit level 25 you get to play competitive mode.

*Note a mistake. Not repeated*

Upon each level up you will also be rewarded with Loot Box where there are goodies in it, like skins, speech, spray, victory poses, and so on. You can buy some of these with credits acquired.

Do I enjoy the game? Yes I do, as a multi-player game Overwatch is awesome BUT limited, the maps are few so after a while it gets a little repetitive but don’t worry, you have 22 heroes to master.

In order to truly enjoy this game it is advisable that you play with friends, if you have no friends playing this game then I must say you’ll get bored really soon. I felt a little bored too but things turn for the better once I play the game with my acquaintances.

What I like is that one doesn’t have to worry about choosing servers, the game logs on you in and get you into action as soon as possible. It reminds me of what Infinity Ward did with Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 and 3, I like it that way though some people prefer it Battlefield style where once gets to select the server of choice.

The Verdict

Overwatch is an awesome game if you’re into FPS competitive gaming. There’s no need to play ranked game if you’re not into it, just casual running around the map and accomplishing goals would suffice. Just note that there’s no single-player / campaign mode so if you are not the type that goes on team matches then you should look away and go get yourself some other FPS games.

Check out the official product page.

One last thing – The best part about Overwatch is that it doesn’t use any characters from Blizzard’s games like how Heroes of the Storm did. Sure, characters like Widowmaker might look a bit like the Ghost units in StarCraft but it’s not Nova.

Score : 8.0 out of 10 –
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