DOTA2 The International – Pubstomp East Coast, Malaysia

It’s been a week since Pubstomp East Coast Malaysia start, you might be wondering why did it took me so long to provide an event coverage? Read on, it was quite a journey.


Now before I begin – what is Pubstomp? Among the many definitions found on the Internet, the one we’re referring to is where a group of people gather to witness the final matches DOTA2 The International gaming event LIVE. It’s a world-wide thing, the list of Pubstomp events can be seen listed on sites like Reddit.

The East Coast event was held in Kota Bharu which is my hometown and the organizers are Monaliza Mastura (Computer shop, sells all sorts of DIY PC components among many other things), Mod n Go Design (Best case modder team in the country, supports gaming community) and KISA which is an E-sports team.

Brands that supported this event are Tt-eSPORTS, Cooler Master, Zotac, DXRacer, Nitro Concepts, Transcend, ASRock, ACBel, ViewSonic and more, and not forgetting goldfries here. 😀

The Event

The event started on 11th August 2016, I arrived in the humble town of Kota Bharu in the afternoon, just in time for late lunch and to have a quite setup of one of the demo PC using Cooler Master casing and PSU, ASRock motherboard (not the X99) and Transcend M.2 SSD (with a 2.5″ SSD too). Picture below taken by my buddies, being a DIY PC guy and modder myself, getting things up and running wasn’t that daunting of a task but it was somewhat hectic too as I haven’t slept much and solely relying on the place of chicken chop I had for my late lunch to muster enough energy to last through the day.

Once done we head out for the event venue at Min House Camp – a location with a hall that’s huge enough to accommodate the scale of the event. The turn out was good even for the first night, despite the location being right smack in a middle of a jungle.

Middle of the jungle? I kid you not, check out the image below. That’s where the event was held! (Click on it to view on Facebook and see it in 360)

Now back to the event, the turn out was good and everyone enjoyed the session.

Day 2 came, however due to Internet Connectivity issues the organizers had no choice but to relocate the event. Being a “Community Event”, getting word across about change of location was a breeze, impressive work by the people from Monaliza Mastura and Mod n Go Design.

Everything was shifted and setup during the day, just in time for the guests to arrive from 6PM onwards. The organizers were gracious, not only to welcome the guests but also to introduce the brands that supported the event. Mini Game Tournament (Dota2) and Lucky Draws were held, and even simple door gifts like the hand-fan from Transcend proved to be a much sought after item when the venue gets a little stuffy as throngs of gaming enthusiasts made their way to Mod N Go Design’s base of operation.

The organizers put great effort to ensure that attendees were entertained, experience corners for PlayStation 4, Virtual Reality (with HTC Vive), Gaming Chairs, Triple-monitor gaming (racing game with steering wheels) and even a corner to experience Transcend’s drives and ASRock’s motherboard with the feature to overclock Intel Non-K processors.

Check out the Live Videos I did during the event. You might notice some people fanning themselves away with the Transcend hand-fan, it was a godsent to many as the venue was overcrowded on the 2nd and final night due to great reception. The event saw some 200 attendees across the 3 nights of viewing session.

All good things come to an end, the crowd came and went and many walked home with excellent goods from the sponsors and supporters of the event – motherboards, racing chair, gaming peripherals and many more!

And to answer the question – why did it took so long to write this coverage? Well, I came back to Kuala Lumpur right after the event and spent the rest of the days after recovering from the lack of rest and catching up with work. 😉 So there you have it, this is not a press release but a personal account of the event that was made by the community for the community.

Kudos to the organizers, it was a memorable event that turned out well despite slight hiccups, we were all worn out but it was a truly satisfying experience. Perhaps another Pubstomp East Coast in 2017?

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