The StarCrafts Mod for StarCraft II by Carbot Animations

I’m a huge fan of Carbot Animations, having followed their animation clips one after another, their StarCraft II animation never cease to make me laugh.

What was once just limited to animation is now part of the StarCraft II game. It doesn’t replace StarCraft II sprites per se, as it you won’t be playing campaign with these sprites.

The StarCrafts Mod comes as one of the many Arcade option, the StarCrafts Mod is basically multiplayer game mode with the cute characters.

I had many great laugh, like how the enhanced Terran Supply Depot comes with balloon, and how idle Zerg Queen sweeps the floor, and the Protss Nexus commander going on panic. 😀 Suffice to say, you’ll see the common characters like marine, zerglings and zealots in their unique simple and loony animated form.

Awesome stuff from Carbot Animations!