Heroes of the Dungeon – Advance Registration Begins

InterServ’s Heroes of the Dungeon (HoD) action RPG mobile game is now available for advance sign up before the game’s official worldwide release later this month on both iOS and Android.


Advance registration is free of charge and only requires your e-mail to complete the sign up. All early adopters will each receive 5 Berserker Soulstones, an in-game collectable necessary to summon/upgrade one of the main playable heroes, in the form of a redeem code. Contents offered through the redeem code are valued at 29.99 USD and will be sent via email as soon as the game is available for download.

Featuring the largest roster of playable heroes ever found in a mobile dungeon crawler, HoD developer InterServ is preparing for the official launch at the end of October 2016.

Interested? Head on to the Advanced Registration Page.

About Heroes of the Dungeon

Heroes of the Dungeon is an all-new 3D mobile action RPG developed and published by InterServ International. The game features the largest roster of playable heroes ever found in a mobile dungeon crawler. There will be 20 originally designed heroes offered at launch, each with 4 distinctive skill sets that are upgradable, and hundreds of equipment to forge.

– 150 solo campaign stages at launch. The game’s over-world takes place on a war torn continent between four kingdoms, Tytania, Nirvash, Darkwood and Behrend. The game starts off with the main protagonist, Lance the Berserker, as he sets out on his quest for revenge, and uncovers the great conspiracy behind the Great War between Light and Darkness.

– 20 heroes at launch, players need not worry about which character class to start the journey with. In Heroes of the Dungeon, new heroes will be made available to the player once the pre-requirement is fulfilled; these requirements vary from reaching a certain level, completing certain in-games tasks, to time-limited offers. From the Western fantasy style of Berserker, Shadow Archer, and Paladin, to the Eastern fantasy style of Monkey King, Ascetic Monk and Samurai, each hero is unique with greatly varying strengths, weaknesses and with hundreds of skills at your disposal.

– Dynamic dungeon stages where the system generates stages at random to provide a refreshing experience every time. The game’s dungeon environment design varies from typical ancient corridors to volcanic lava stages, each filled with deathly traps that test the player’s skills. Not forgetting the hidden treasure throughout that offers unlimited loot for crafting gear and upgrading heroes, this is a hackn’ slash RPG title where players are sure to sink in hundreds of hours.

– 6 different competitive modes. From a more standard fare of 1 on 1 Runestone battle, 3 on 3 death match PvP, to guild versus guild battles; the most innovative of all is the Bridge of Arbitration mode. The Bridge of Arbitration is a MOBA mode that offers 2 on 2 MOBA fights, where players represent either the blue or the red side. The main goal is to destroy the opponent’s nexus tower within the time limit or score more points than the opponent for a win.