Smartphone Rebates no longer limited to devices under RM 500

During Malaysia’s 2013 Budget presented back in September, the government announced an RM 200 discount program for youths to purchase 3G-enabled smartphones.

In our earlier news, it seems that there was a cap of RM 500 on the price of the Smartphones, and limited to the choice of 23 phones approved by the Government.

Interesting though, today we see that the policy has changed. The cap is now removed, so there is no longer a PRICE LIMIT – I think many are going to rejoice over this removal of price cap.

KUALA LUMPUR: The cabinet has agreed not to set a price limit on the smartphones which can be purchased by youths aged between 21 and 30 earning less than RM3,000 a month, with regard to the RM200 government rebate.


My take on this matter is that there should be a cap, say RM 1,000. People who can afford an expensive phone clearly doesn’t need that rebate, and people who could use the rebate shouldn’t be buying an expensive phone.

As a taxpayer – I got a feeling many of those who are going to use the rebate, are already Smartphone owners. Probably using it to upgrade their iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, or Samsung Galaxy S2 to S3. I think the the money could be channeled better elsewhere, not at some youth who’s just using money on a NEEDLESS upgrade.

4 thoughts on “Smartphone Rebates no longer limited to devices under RM 500

  1. Actually, I think the ‘cap’ exists where they mention that the youths eligible are those who are earning less than RM3,000 a month. By today’s standards, I’d say that is a reasonable cap given that those who are in this income bracket are those who will be able to benefit most from this rebate.

  2. In reference to the price cap for phone RRP value of course.

    I feel that the age range and earning range should be lowered. And that they should also check whether the person already has a smartphone or data plan (data plan is a good indicator).

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