Selangor Cyber Cafes To Register Patrons’ MyKad Information

Surprise surprise, now you have to provide details before being able to use the facility at a cyber cafe.

This regulation is something new, a guideline introduced after the lifting of a six-year-old freeze on cyber cafe licences.

The government hopes to give cyber cafes a healthy status and curb illegal activities.

PETALING JAYA (Jan 1, 2013): Cyber cafes in Selangor will be soon be required to register their patrons’ personal details based on their MyKad or MyKid identification cards.

Under more stringent regulations expected to be enforced later this month, it will also be mandatory for them to install software for monitoring their customers’ internet activities.


Currently, the guidelines only apply to new cyber cafe licence applicants, as many existing ones who had started operations before the freeze on licences, claimed they had difficulty conforming to the guidelines in such a short period.

Source : The Sun

From my point of view – the new regulation(s) introduced could just hamper and already hampered growth of Cyber Cafes. With high speed broadband available and computers being not too costly these days, the only reason for gamers to visit Cyber Cafe is to be able to yell at friends in multiplayer games.

I think the point of concern regarding the installation of software to monitor user activities, which I think would be the most devastating among the regulations introduced.

On the bright side of the story – the guidelines only apply to new cyber cafe licence applicants, and confined to Selangor.

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