The Beauty of All-in-One Computers

The Beauty of All-in-One Computers

Many negative comments going around All-In-One computers and often these comments are from people who advocate “non-branded” computers all the way – the same group of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. 🙂 I LOLed.

Anyway, today – I’m here to educate the world (if only the world knew about me…….. awww) about All-In-One computers.

I’m sure most of you have read my review on All-in-One Desktops such as the Dell Studio One 19, Asus EeeTop ET1602 and Lenovo IdeaCentre A600. The burning question in most people is that “is there a REAL purpose for All-in-One computers?”

All-in-One Computers In Action

I was involved in setting up the technical details for Clement Ooi’s Art of the Ordinary exhibition at Meusse Gallery. 2 AIO computers were used that night.

The first AIO computer was the Lenovo C300, it was paired with the Wacom Bamboo – it’s a fine art exhibition so I thought it’ll be great to let the visitors exercise their artistic strokes? 🙂

The second AIO computer was the Asus EeeTop ET1602 – it’s a fine piece of equipment for touch-screen web browsing, the purpose was to allow the visitors to browse the gallery’s website.

The Beauty of All-in-One Computers

Size and portability were the best bits of All-in-One computers. Both the Lenovo C300 and Asus EeeTop ET1602 were packed within 15 minutes., easy to pack meant they were easy to unpack as well. 🙂

Their compact nature also makes them easy to haul from base to venue and back to base. gone were the days where we had to carefully arrange the monitor and central unit to fit the back seat.

At the gallery, the All-in-One units looked sleek and stylish, and their compact nature meant they leave a lot of room and have little to no “wired mess” around them.

The Beauty of All-in-One Computers

The STAR of the night, aside Clement Ooi (our featured artist (do read the article on New Straits Times), was the Lenovo C300 and the Wacom Bamboo. I have to admit, I think the Wacom Bamboo took the spotlight since it was something less common. 😛 We’re not going into that, we’re talking about the AIOs here. 😀 The Lenovo C300 handled the software fine, despite being just an Atom based unit.

The Asus EeeTop ET1602 did serve its purpose for a while, however I had to pack the unit early since the Internet connection was almost non-existent.

AIO At Home

The units are also handy for home users, for example I have the C300 placed in my bedroom for convenient web browsing, music and movie playback.

The EeeTop ET1602 on the other hand sits somewhere in the living room, again for convenient web browsing. It’s really handy to have a touchscreen unit placed in the living room for random information search.

Great for Educational Purpose

AIO computers with touchscreen ability are a great choice for children’s education.

The Dell Studio One 19 for example, comes with a decently large LCD screen and awesome audio system. Along with it comes the software that allows children to color (call it a digital coloring book) without you having to clean up the mess or worry about running out of red colored crayon, of course that’s not to say that it replaces actual art but it’s a convenient artistic outlet that doesn’t require that much supervision and has lesser health risk, like say a child swallowing bits of crayon or licking a brush.

AIO For You

Clearly the AIO isn’t just a fad, there’s a market for AIO computers and whether or not it’s the one for you depends on your lifestyle.

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