Computing Mobility To The Next Level

Computing Mobility To The Next Level

It was about 5 years ago when I first come by a wireless broadband Internet connection, it was provided by a local ISP but it never took off.

The device itself was huge! It was bigger than a digital SLR with lens. Walking around with it was almost like carrying a car battery.

Fast forward to 2008, wireless broadband has picked up and I was already a subscriber to Celcom’s 3G service and I was using my phone as my 3G modem. Of course before 3G there were technologies like WAP, EDGE and GPRS.

It’s 2010 now and technology has advanced so much that the 4G (wimax) networks such as those from P1 are now accessible without having to resort to using any external device as before. Such mobile computers have just entered the market here in Malaysia now that notebooks come with Intel technology that allows 4G connectivity.

Connectivity Is Here To Stay

Not everyone needs mobile Internet connection but no one can deny the convenience it gives.

For the record, this article was written using my Nokia N900 and Celcom 3G broadband connection. 🙂 It is also the device that provides Internet connection to my other devices. I won’t go into details here, save it for my future article.

Computing mobility has indeed reached the next level.

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  1. Hey Goldfries. How’s your experience using Nokia N900? Any hiccups so far when browsing websites? What about auto notifications like twitter, facebook etc? Any apps for that in Maemo technology?

  2. Yo GoldFries.. hahaha.. hurm,did Celcom Broadband use 4G? and what the diff between 4G and HSDPA and which 1 is better?

  3. Nice. Blog with N900. So far I just use my HTC HD2 to surf web only. Hard to type without physical keyboard. 😛

  4. im still with wired broadband.. havent tried any wireless broadband so far.. maybe one day.. when im on the run.. haha =)

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