MSI Revamped Laptops across 6 Series

Yes it is, MSI just revamped the models in the series which are the Creator, Raider, Thin, Leopard, Stealth and Titan.

The models are The Creator 17, 17M and 15M, GE66 and GE75 Raider, GF75 Thin, GL75 and GP75 Leopard, GS66 and GS75 Stealth and the GT76 Titan.

Changes are primarily towards the processor, both CPU and GPU. These models new come with Intel’s 10th generation Core series processor up to the flagship i9-10980HK processor, while for the GPU they range from the GTX 1650 Max Qont he GF63 Thin up to an RTX 2080 Super Max Q on GS66 Stealth and many others.

Other details as follows
*Information based on MSI’s Press Release, for further details please contact MSI.