FSP Hexa HE-500 500w Power Supply Unit (PSU) Review

The FSP Hexa series’ 500w model is an ever popular low-budget PSU, often the recommender’s choice of PSU when it comes to low-budget rigs.

The Hexa 500 comes with an enclosure that shouts FPS all the way and it still uses a fan grill that’s not part of the enclosure. 🙂 Quite a number of new PSU these days do not have a detachable fan grill as the grill is part of the enclosure.

The Hexa 500 comes with number of cables that cater to most users’ needs, with the only exception being the PCI-E power cable being a 6pin + 8pin so it’s a no go with cards like the Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X that requires 8pin + 8pin connector.

Sure, one could use an adapter that fits the 4-pin molex but logically you shouldn’t be pairing an RM 1,300 (high end) card on an RM 150 (low end) PSU; There’s the FSP Raider 650w that purpose.

The power delivery is around 400w on the 12V rails, which is exactly why you shouldn’t use a PSU as such to power a gaming rig with a 250w card as a 250w card with a processor (typically 60w to 100w) and a few fans would easily run it to really high load (90% or more).

Nevertheless for medium / low-end gaming rigs and the office PC, it works great. I stressed tested the PSU running dual R7 260X on mining over a few weeks with no issue. The stress from the dual R7 260X is much higher than the average power load from a gaming session.

The Verdict

There’s absolutely nothing to complain about a product as such, it’s affordable and does the job.

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