DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU Cooler (heatsink) Review

Despite being priced the same as the Frostwin I reviewed just last week, the DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 performs at a totally different level altogether!

DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU (heatsink) Cooler Review

Don’t be fooled. Despite the lack of fancy design on the heatsink, it’s actually a no-nonsense superb cooler. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU (heatsink) Cooler Review

Installation was easy, though it uses the same mechanism at the Frostwin (ok well easier for me since I done it before) but it’s a lot easier due to the heatsink design. For example, the 2 connecting points that hold the heatsink are much easier to access.

I installed it while the casing was upright so it took quite some balancing act. If the casing was laid down then installation would be even faster.

The good thing is that the heatsink doesn’t block the memory.

DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU (heatsink) Cooler Review

The fan does block the memory but it’s easily removed. No big deal. If need, you have the choice of placing the fan on the other side of the heatsink so the fan acts as an exhaust rather than as an intake or blower.

DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU (heatsink) Cooler Review

More details at the official product page.

Test Setup / Benchmarks

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel Core i5-4670K @ 4.3Ghz, 1.25 vcore
RAM Avexir Core Series 8GB DDR3 1600
Motherboard Asus Z87-Deluxe
Power Supply Xigmatek NRP-PC602 600w
Operating System Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Below is the CPU-Z for the processor, on overlock.

DeepCool Ice Blade Pro v2.0 CPU Cooler (heatsink) Review

Temperature was monitored using HW Monitor. Room temperature is around 25°C.

CPU load was done by converting 10bit MKV video to 8bit using x264, set to -veryslow mode.

  Idle (°C) Load (°C)
Ice Blade Pro 30 61
Ice Blade Pro (fanless) 40 79
Stock 40 87

Temperature looks awesome!

Fanless? Yes, you read that right. I normally don’t do fanless unless I think the heatsink can make it. Running at only 61°C despite overclocked and full load, I had to give fanless a try and I wasn’t disappointed.

Even with the fan, the heatsink wasn’t noisy at all.

The Verdict

Retailing at USD 40, priced exactly as the Frostwin (from DeepCool as well) – I see no reason on getting the latter. The Ice Blade Pro v2.0 is the way to go.

It’s one great cooler with low noise and superb cooling capability.

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