Space Siege Game Review

Space Siege Game Review
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Space Siege Game Review

Probably the worse game I played this year. It was so bad, this review is going to be really short, I probably spent more time to write the review than playing the game.

The Story

Space Siege is an action role-playing game developed by Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, published by Sega. The title is a play on the title of another game by Gas Powered Games, Dungeon Siege.

Space Siege takes place on a massive space colonization ship under attack by an alien foe that has annihilated the planet Earth before the game begins. Chris Taylor has described the plotline as introducing a moral dilemma regarding human cybernetic augmentation.[citation needed] Players have the choice to replace body parts with cybernetically enhanced components throughout the game, to more effectively counter the alien threat at the sacrifice of their humanity. However, the greatest bonus that comes near the end of the game is only accessible if the player remains human. Choosing the “pure path” allows players to upgrade their robotic sidekick and powered armor. Shawn Green, associate producer of Space Siege for Sega, stated that “a console version is something that’s being considered right now. But currently it’s not confirmed”.



Basically you run around shooting aliens and stuff. Something like Lost Planet, just that you’re not exactly on a 3rd person view. It’s view a little further away, giving you a rather overhead view of the scene.

Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review

The thing that really turned me off about the game is the control. WASD keys were for camera view, left mouse button to move and right mouse button to shoot. So yeah, it annoys the shit out of me since the character immediately stops running upon shooting, now how stupid is that? So basically I can’t run and shoot at the same time. I can’t strafe and shoot, I can’t move backwards and shoot. Basically it’s idiocy at it’s best, I’m a trained fighter who could only shoot when I’m standing still. Frankly, it looked like Santa Claus surrounding by candy-begging kids, just that Santa’s health bar goes down down down and chomping health packs to survive.

Yes, basically the controls are so badly screwed up, I couldn’t be bothered to continue the game. I just had to force myself to play the game a bit just to write this review.

Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review

On the plus side, I like the RPG style gameplay where the character could collect points and upgrade the skills to go up against the aliens. Executing special skills are easy, just by pressing the short-cut keys – and you can assign it too.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically the game was decent. The movie scenes were alright but the polygons for the characters on the 3D scenes weren’t the best but certainly something not awesome. I still love the character animation in Lost Planet but this one was more like something from 2005 or 2006, say F.E.A.R. style?

Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review

The explosions and graphical effects were nice, I love the details. I love how the shadows move as the character walk around the alley and such.

Sound effects weren’t memorable, I was getting annoyed by the controls so much that nothing else matters.

Network / Online Gaming

I couldn’t be bothered.


Bad. Stay away from it. It would’ve been great if the controls were WASD, left mouse button to shoot and right mouse button to move camera angle. I have no idea why they went for such odd control method, it’s as if the developers had no gaming experience.

It’s damn disappointing, considering that Expendable was released back in 1999. Yeah, I bet many of you haven’t even touched PCs that year – it was a really fun shoot’em up, I was running that game on my Matrox Millenium G400 and it had environmental bump-mapping and it was awesome!

Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review
Space Siege Game Review

So all in all, I think whoever developed and approved Space Siege should get a copy of Expendables and see how far Space Siege is from achieving the fun factor of a game 9 years ago.

They could’ve gotten themselves a hit if they actually had me as a consultant, and I’m not kidding about that!


Space Siege Game Review

PC Specifications Used

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel Core2Duo E7200 Overclocked @ 3.61ghz
Graphic Card ASUS ENGTX280 TOP 1GB
Motherboard Albatron PXP35
RAM 2x 2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Edition
Cooler Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit

6 thoughts on “Space Siege Game Review

  1. so much for the successor of dungeon siege.. if its using the old DS engine i can understand why the gameplay is like that. d:

    on a side note, first time im reading a bad review on your site. 😀

    gj. (;

  2. eh, you missed out my review on NFS:Carbon and MotoGP, haven’t you?

    bad game comes once in a while, we still need to let people know there are horrible things out there. 😀

  3. Don’t forget Gorky Zero – that whole thing, the isometric view, the controls, are just bad! I guess the ‘worse’ factor is something like that Space Siege game you reviewed here. 😀

  4. i first got to know about space siege via a computer games magazine.

    i thought it was gonna be good.

    rpg, sci fi, shoot, loot, cyborg upgrades, etc

    then i saw the review on gamespot.

    now i read your review here.


    nowadays, WASD memang the standard for movement controls la.

    heck, even many new flash games uses the WASD for movement controls.

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