Ushering The New Year – 2009!

Ushering The New Year - 2009!

I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year, all the best to you and your endeavors of 2009!

Came and Went

2008 came and went, and it was a really great year. We had more products to review and more events to attend as the site gained more recognition.

2008 wasn’t just the year for but it was a year that my business was picking up as well. I wonder if you noticed that article publication dates are much further apart towards the end of the year, that’s simply because when it comes to vs business, business got the priority – after all, it’s my business that keeps me and my sites alive.

Expectation on 2009

I had many plans for 2008 but there’s too little time to allocate for them. 🙁

For this year, I hope to have speedier reviews for every product, more articles and of course, speedier response to questions as well.

I’m also expecting to update the PC Buying Guide more often and hopefully release the ADVANCED version which I’ve already partially designed and yet to put them into codes.

Happy New Year

Lastly (and once again) – Happy New Year! Welcome 2009!

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  1. Happy New Year Brian. Look forward for your new updates always

  2. Dude, never knew you had your own site. Miss the hattrick days. Anyway, was thinking of building my ovn comp. Due to budget constraints, do you know if its still possible to get XP original and at what price? I know MS stopped selling in July 08 but was wondering if still got old stock floating around cos Vista is too pricey.

  3. Author

    thanks aaron & mike.

    emerix – long time already lor, i’m still playing Hattrick. 🙂 original XP? yes I think it’s still possible, as I thought I saw it on some price list.

  4. Miss HT lorrr. As I get busier, I find it harder to follow Freekick. Thinking of setting up a new acc again. But I hear HT also getting complicated.

    How much is the ori XP?

  5. Happy new year all… glad to see some great things happening in the new year!!

    Red Alert 3 Uprising for a start!

  6. Author

    @emerix – someone told me he bought Win XP OEM for RM 499! some places i saw, states less than RM 300 for Win XP OEM.

    @ra3 – thanks. 🙂 looking forward for more RA3.

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