Nokia N-Gage – Monopoly : Here & Now – World Edition Game Review

Nokia N-Gage - Monopoly : Here & Now - World Edition Game Review
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Nokia N-Gage - Monopoly : Here & Now - World Edition Game Review

Monopoly on N-Gage? Is it as good as the board game? Well what I can tell you is that it’s cheaper, really fast and fun! Minus the hassle of handling the board and papers. 😀

The Story

Story? What story? It’s monopoly, just do your part it beating everyone else who are on the board with you. 😀 MAKE THEM PAY!

The Gameplay

This is the first VIDEO ONLY review. 🙂 Recordings were done using my Canon Powershot A1000 IS digital camera and the gaming gear is the Nokia N81 8GB.

I’ve recently got the N85 (Yay!, Thanks Nokia!) and you’ll have better game videos in the future (N81 8GB doesn’t have TV output but N85 does!). For now, just bear with my handshake. It’s not easy filming gaming on hand.

I think the video will do all the explanation needed on the gameplay.

It looks boring right? Everything’s like soooooooooo sloooooooooow. 😀 Guess what? You can make it into super speed mode!

Yes, that’s me going Arriba Arriba Andale ala Speedy Gonzales. 😀 Some of you may prefer Road Runner, does it matter? (Meep meep!)

Gameplay wise, it could be very fast. They have this AUTOSELL feature that sell or mortgage your lowest value assets. You could also customize the rules the way you want, like how much you get for each GO for example.

The only thing I dislike is that by default, should a player decide not to by the un-owned property he / she landed on, the property is then open for bidding and others could get it at really cheap price if every other bidder backs out.

The AI was interesting. Easy mode and they’re pretty easy when comes to accepting deals and they’re not that good in financial management. That doesn’t mean you won’t lose, I had quite a few cases of failed attempts to bankrupt them as luck turned against me. Hard AI isn’t that difficult either, they’re more calculative in trade offers and will not hesitate to mortgage their properties to out do you.

Regardless what AI setting it is – This is MONOPOLY and any game using dice is 100% dependent on luck, do you agree?

Graphic & Audio

Graphically the game looks fine, nothing to complain about. The units are cute, and they have an accompanying sound effect as they move, like say VROOM for the taxicab.

I can’t describe it any better than what you saw on the video.

Network / Online Gaming

No online gaming. No network gaming. You could however, play with your friends. Up to 4 players can play this game but it’s really tiresome to have to pass around. Sheesh, it gets routine.

It’s best if 1 person just holds the device and controls for the rest. 😛 Having TV display would be helpful as well. Just make sure you have enough battery power to last through long games.


Good game. Slick and fast. Great for solo gaming, I spent sooooooooo many hours on it and I hereby conclude that the game is EVIL and you shouldn’t get it if you fear wasting a lot of time on this game because it really its addictive. (wow, ultra long sentence).

If you’re a Monopoly fan like myself, then GET IT! Even if it’s just for solo playing, you’ll enjoy it. 😀 Remember, it’s paperless and you don’t need to find an unwilling victim to satisfy your crave.


Nokia N-Gage - Monopoly : Here & Now - World Edition Game Review

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  1. any game using dice is 100% dependent on luck

    you have not been playing many board games have you 🙂

  2. Author

    LOL. well that’s just my POV on the % dependence. 😀 I’m sure others such as yourself have your though on the % part.

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