Nokia N-Gage : Asphalt 4 – Elite Racing Game Review

Nokia N-Gage : Asphalt 4 - Elite Racing Game Review
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Nokia N-Gage : Asphalt 4 - Elite Racing Game Review

Mindless racing over the Nokia N-Gage is back again with Asphalt 4! 😀

The Story

No story here. Just race up the career and win the game that’s it.

After that, just play again and again for fun.

The Gameplay

Before I continue – this is the site’s first HD video! 😛 I’ll probably HD the rest but well, it doesn’t matter.

Now, back to the game – it’s basically just race race race, race until your thumbs feel like breaking. Controlling the car was easy, especially if you’re on phones with D-pad like the Nokia N86 that I’m using.

I guess the video sums it all. If you notice, my car was practically NOSsing all the way – that’s not the way I play the game actually.

I’ve played this game on N81 before and I could press the NOS any time I want but apparently on the N86 the D-pad and the center / select button are together in 1 piece and some how the game option does not allow me to disable the NOS for the center button of the D-pad. So there, NOS all the way like a mad man. 🙁

And just like from the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” – the points don’t matter! 🙂 Ok in this game, it’s the CASH that unlocks upgrades and levels. Clocking up the cash is easy if you have the skill, I could clock up more than 30 grand each run on some tracks in a short time so unlocking it was a breeze.

FYI I switched from N81 to N86, starting from 0 and I completed the game in about 2 hours of total play time, with a hurting thumb though. 😀 Thankfully the N86’s D-pad is much better than the one on N81.

Back to the game, the upgrades are simplistic which I actually like. As you can see from the video, it shows + / – to the figures for speed, acceleration, brake and control. 🙂 Simple eh?


The fun thing about this game is the mindless mad driving. 🙂 I love modes where you gather cash to win and the one where you need to take down 6 cars. (Ironically the description says “destroy as many enemy vehicles as possible” but the game is over once you reach a quota of 6). I love the game for its simplicity.

The game has multiplayer option but I have no chance to try. I do have a problem with insane NOS firing without me being able to disable it. The game is certainly fun but it gets boring after a while, and your play time is ultimately decided by how bad your finger hurts controlling the car.

The game gets boring after a while since winning the game is not difficult and upgrading the car doesn’t cost anything at all. Then again this could be look at something that allows player to access the awesome list of vehicles and try out anything at any time they want, which is a good thing. 🙂


Nokia N-Gage : Asphalt 4 - Elite Racing Game Review

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