Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review
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Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

It was bad enough that I thought of awarding it 3 / 10 but today, some shit happened and I’ve decided to award it only 0.5 / 10.

Yes, it’s horrible. It’s a shame to the C&C franchise, considering this is supposed to be the most anticipated ending for a game that started more than 10 years ago!

What Happened?

I was busy for the week, so it was just about an hour ago when I decided to do some screenies and video for the game. Installed my screen capture and video capture software, ran the CD and behold! The UPDATE / PATCH notice.

Ok fine, let’s patch ……

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

wait wait wait wait……….. WTH!?!??!!?!?

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

OK fine, since there’s a patch problem I thought I’d go to the site to download the patch manually.

And there I was, nice – a place to announce the patch. Note the title of the post : Download Patch 1.02 + World Builder.

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

And so I did my download. I noticed the text mentioned “Download CNC4 World Builder” but I thought it probably they miss out the patch part. After all, the title did say download patch 1.02.

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

Great, Worldbuilder is in RAR file – no EXE? I usually don’t install archiving software on my machine. They could’ve used a more generic ZIP, no?

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

Checking the archive file, it was a disappointment as it’s just the world builder.

So fine, I’m now stuck with a game I’m unable to play because I can’t patch, not due to my fault. Great. I tried various methods, such as running as Administrator. Nope, that didn’t help. It was only 1 file that’s having problem anyway, the rest of the files had no issue.

My C: I had 3.x GB free space, freed up to nearly 6 GB space. My D: drive (game installed on this) has more than 20GB free space. Nope, doesn’t seem to be a space issue.

Tried searching on Bing. I don’t have Firefox on this machine, IE’s default was BING and it was useless.

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

Going on Google, it helped by showing me a site or 2 which I followed the instruction to clear the PATCH folder. The startup menu restarted the patch process and ended the same way. Wow.

In the end I decided to call it quits, no screenies, no videos. Drop the intended rating and continue my rant on the game. No watermarks needed, I couldn’t be bothered to put so much effort into this sucky product.

*You could just stop reading from here on, it’s a horrible game. If you wish to continue, then I truly admire your reading capacity, to be able to handle my wall of ranting text. Thank you.*

The Story

Everything that leads to Kane’s ascension. Simple as that, I played the GDI mission with my regular RTS buddy and till the end, we didn’t know what’s going on.

The Gameplay

Horrible. Instead of using the tried, tested and most of all, SIGNATURE game style of Command & Conquer series of construction build order and unit production, the game went on a practically BASELESS approach ala Homeworld style. You get to choose offensive, defensive or support commander – with only the defensive commander being able to build some defensive structure.

As if that’s not bad enough. Offensive commander is the one mainly with ground units. Defensive with infantry. Support being mainly air unit. WTH!??!! Great, now I get to control Mammoth Tank but not Orcas and Grenadiers? Riiggggghhhtt, so much for being THE MILITARY – whatever happened to be able to have units at my disposal?

OK get this – as if that wasn’t bad enough – what’s available to YOU is entirely dependent on your XP. So basically you need to play the missions and skirmishes to level up. WTH!?!??!?! Yes, my buddy and I finished the entire GDI campaign in less than 4 hours, and at the end of the game we haven’t even got the chance to try out every single unit because Tech III units take quite some points to unlock.

Each mission gives around 2 – 3k points. Skirmishes gave far less points, probably 200 – 300. So guess how many times do you need to play the missions to unlock more research and units?

The list goes on about how crappy the game was. Scorpion tank (mobile Obelisk of Light) now shoots air units and can’t even take down humans or light tanks with a single blow. HUH??? Or how about the fact that I finished the whole GDI mission using just the Talon (their smallest unit) while for NOD, the bikes were pretty good in most cases but I finished the game with just Avenger and Scorpion.

To make things more crappy, each mission gives you about 60 command points. 60 points is VERY little, considering each Talon (smallest unit) takes 3 points while bigger units take like 6 or 8 points. Yup, that means 10 units for YOUR ARMY! if you’re building 6 pointers. Great, what kind of army is that?

To make things even more crappy, the game developers decided it’ll be cool to have a “rock-paper-scissor” thing – so each unit would be made to take down targets of certain armor better and less effective in another – which makes no sense when the heavy gun is good against heavy armor but not against weak armor. LOL. too much details, what happened to the good old C&C style?

Oh I forgot to add – no more resource mining. Yup! Irony how they decide to remove this on the last game of the Tiberium chapter. It doesn’t make sense. So now you get to build UNLIMITED units because resource is not an issue (no more resource management?) BUT you only get a limited amount of unit on screen based on the CP.

And here’s the thing – if during the game you manage to acquire additional units either via discovery or capturing of husks, the CP would look something like 80/60. So if you were suddenly awarded some units that don’t suit you (yes, they do award you units once in awhile) then you’re stuck with it, and you can’t replace any unit until the count goes under the CP again. Deleting the unit is possible but why waste? In the end, you’re stuck. No more tank spamming as before. No more thinking on how to outwit your opponent to the tiberium fields and get the upper hand. NO MORE!

Instead of having Tiberium scattered across vast areas, we now have scattered single piece Tiberiums in red, blue and green color. Some allowing you to upgrade your tech while others allow individual enhancement of unit. That’s it. No more fields of green or blue tiberium.

The most ridiculous part was that you are required to be ONLINE before you could even play the game. To make things worse, you can’t start the game without it being patched……… which is where I am now. 🙁 At least in RA3 or CNC3, I still get to play even without latest patch or having Internet connection.

If you’re playing cop-op mission with a friend and he disconnects, the game is lost. They’ve fixed that with the patch now, I couldn’t be bothered.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically the game is no better than C&C3, in fact I think C&C3 looked better. Movie was crappy with horrible acting, script and backdrop. All actors have shown frowning faces and generally all seem to be emo people. I don’t know how to put it better. It wasn’t like RA3 where you see sexy Genma Atkinson or cunning Tim Curry greeting you. Nope….. it’s all emo emo emo.

Sound effects were alright but the soundtrack was sooooooooooo STAR TREK like for GDI while NOD sounds so religious, in some situations so tribal. If anyone of you had played C&C : Tiberium Dawn or Red Alert series, you’ll realize how awesome were those Industrial / Techno / Rock tracks that even when heard today, sends you back down to memory lane when you first control your units across sub 640×480 pixel screens.

Networking / Multiplayer

It’s a joke. Command & Conquer suddenly turned into Company of Heroes / Dawn of War. You build your units, and capture the flag. 🙁 Yes, the usual standing within the circle radius and take command of the post. WTH!?!?!?

How bad could it be?!?! Well, remember the part I told you about XP? Guess what – not everyone’s equal in skirmish as well. If you don’t unlock, you don’t get to use. So some other fellow with more unlocks have more advantage against you. Hah! It’s a joke!



I couldn’t even be bothered to spell-check. It’s bad, my rant is over. Thank you for your time. I wasted RM 139 for the stupid game.

Game Rating

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight Game Review

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  1. LOL wut…

    after reading your rant, i think even if i go download pirated one is also a waste of time and bandwidth!

    and this

    “How bad could it be?!?! Well, remember the part I told you about XP? Guess what – not everyone’s equal in skirmish as well. If you don’t unlock, you don’t get to use. So some other fellow with more unlocks have more advantage against you. Hah! It’s a joke!”

    is pure ownange 😀

  2. Haha.. good info, thanks!

    I feel like pirating now!!

  3. it’s a good “pirate” game to see videos only

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