The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

I’ve not been to PC Fair for quite some time, I wrote the “My Thoughts On PC Fair” article and I still firmly hold on to what I said.

Some of you may have even noticed by tweet saying “Real tech-guys don’t go to PC Fair!” 😛 Well, Twitter is limited so let’s not twist my words……….. haha.

PC Fair on Friday

Finding a parking space alone was a harrowing experience. I drove around KLCC for 1 hour just to finally end up at Avenue-K. Lunch hour + prayer time + KLCC Car Park being full + the holiday crowd + PC Fair + rain = bad combo, no?

I’ll spare you my wall-of-text about the appalling KL traffic jam……….. on with the photos! Nicer photos this time. 😛 No girls la, I not the type that take girl pics, you have other photographers covering that.

The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

That’s just the Friday afternoon crowd (circa 1pm to 3pm)! So imagine the crowd for Saturday and Sunday! 🙂 I know what it’s like, which is why I’m there on Friday!

So, why am I here at PC Fair?

I was there for Intel PC Guru!

Yup! I was there due to my involvement in Intel’s PC Guru. I’m not an on-location adviser but you’ll find out soon about my involvement. 🙂

The PC Fair Experience

The PC Fair Experience

What is PC Guru?

In Dec 2008, PC Guru made its debut at PC Fair when Intel Malaysia worked with PIKOM for the first time to set up a consultation room for all PC Fair visitors in KL. Called the ‘PC Guru’, this initiative by Intel aims to provide advice to common PC users on which computer processor among the many available is best suited for their usage.

PC Guru is essentially a one-stop centre for those who intend to seek solid and useful advice regarding PCs and your computing-related matters from Intel experts. PC Fair visitors can view and play with the latest Intel-based systems to find out more before they make their purchase decisions. All this consultation is provided FREE by the experts from Intel Malaysia, with purchase obligation.

Each PC Guru has been bigger and better than the one before. Due to the encouraging response and success of PC GURU in the past PC Fairs, Intel Malaysia has now brought PC GURU to the cyberspace, on, offering it’s consultation services to the masses across Malaysia. True to the purpose of the Intel PC GURU, this online portal will serve all who wish to obtain PC consultation all year round. To achieve this, the PC Guru forum will be an active forum room for all to interact with our PC Gurus,

We welcome all queries from people of all ages. Whether you’re a tech junkie or a PC-newbie, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.


The PC Fair Experience

More experience

Ok now besides that, about the PC Fair Experience. 🙂

I’ll be updating this article with a few videos that I took as I walk around the entire place. It’s gonna be awesome, especially for those who are not in Klang Valley or have yet to visit PC Fair.

😀 The videos are in High Definition (Full HD) which is why it’s not here yet as I’m still uploading to Youtube (I wish someone could sponsor me a high-speed upload DSL package). Arrgh, Streamyx upload speed is so slow, my uploading processor (assuming the connection doesn’t get screwed up) should take about 2 days I think, considering I have about 5.2GB worth of HD video. Tried converting, doesn’t look nice. Uploading MTS directly……….. you guys can wait, right? 😀

And I also think this could be the first time ever a PC Fair is recorded in Full HD! Do check back again!


First video is up! My walk to the PC Fair, and first thing I saw – Intel PC Guru! 🙂

Yay! More videos! This one is for AMD’s gaming room.

Conference Hall.

Banquet Hall video.

Ballroom video.

A long walk down to the other halls.

Hall 1 and 2 (Part 1)

Hall 1 and 2 (Part 2)

Hall 3, 4 and 5

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  1. i wish to watch ur vids. but my streamassssssss connection is so fast dat it has to buffer for 10mins just to let me watch 20sec of it only. connection sucks =(

  2. haha, i saw that i appeared for some moment in the 2nd video of AMD gaming room

  3. Author

    @yen – you go back to work that time just nice to view. in fact, by the time you start work also my upload (been uploading 5.2GB since like Friday night) still not completed!

    @nic – i should add a bubble to point to you.

  4. You used LiveView to snap the environments issit? Macam so high up only. LOL!

  5. Author

    of course la. 🙂 without live view that’s so impossible to get nicely aligned shots.

  6. I missed PC fair. Didn’t attend anyone of it this year. 😛

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