My Thoughts On PC Fair

My Thoughts On PC Fair

Through my years of moderating 2 tech related forums and also having being a before-I-buy-my-PC consultant to both friends and strangers, it’s quite common to see that many actually think that PC Fair IS “THE TIME” to buy computer parts. The truth of the matter is otherwise.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

What Is PC Fair?

PC Fair is Malaysia’s major PC related event, organized by PIKOM – the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry. More details about PIKOM here.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

What exactly is PC Fair about? Unfortunately I can’t give you any quote as there’s no information on PIKOM’s site on what exactly is PC Fair, so I’ll just explain it in my own words…

PC Fair focuses is an event for IT / Tech related showcase, where vendors take the opportunity to promote their latest or upcoming products while others (such as resellers) use this event as another means for conducting sales.

PC Fair is held about 3 times each year, for each PC Fair “season”, the event will be held across the nation at selected venues. The fair is always held over a 3-day period covering the weekends (FRI / SAT / SUN).

My Thoughts On PC Fair

PC Fair, Cheap?

Actually…… YES and NO. Well, to me it’s generally NO.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

Let’s take the PC Fair held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for example. The parking is expensive, the LRT (light rail transit) and the station is generally packed with people coming and leaving the fair. Then of course, we have the crowded halls where shopping is almost a bumper car experience.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

Factoring the cost in terms of money, time and effort – you’re better off shopping at Low Yat Plaza. Price of goods are pretty much the same but you can get things done faster and much lesser effort. πŸ™‚

Does that mean you can’t get things cheap at PC Fair? No. If you’re lucky, you COULD find yourself some really good deals (ironically such really good deals are also available at other places, such as Low Yat Plaza). Besides that, sellers are known to be generous only Sunday evening, which is around the final chapters of PC Fair. Quite often it’s about clearing stock, giving really low price for all things that “must go”.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

While PC hardware prices are almost no different from that of what’s on sale at places like Low Yat Plaza, even when it’s off PC Fair season, it is quite common to come by great Notebook PC (a.k.a. Laptop) offers. You can keep an eye-out for such offers before PC Fair and even after PC fair. πŸ™‚ Some companies start the promotion earlier, others extend it after PC Fair even. In some cases, the deal only comes during the 3 day PC Fair period. Just make sure you check everything in detail before committing to the deal, even regarding issues such as warranty, upgrades (present and future), services (whether any form of service is chargeable) and whatever else you can think of. Make sure things are stated CLEARLY too (yes, get them to write it down is good……. hey, this article is turning into a guide!)

Do I Visit PC Fair?

No, I don’t visit the PC Fair. I find it pointless unless I really wish to have a personal look at all the latest and greatest products on showcase or I wish to snap pictures of the event or promoter girls. πŸ™‚ Even so, the thought of the amount of human traffic and the cost of getting there puts my thoughts off. I’d rather be doing my shopping with ease at other places.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

Furthermore, I buy most of my stuff online these days. πŸ™‚ Having them sent to me is way more convenient and cost effective compared to visiting fairs.

Should You Visit PC Fair?

Since PC Fair is held across the nation at varying location, it’s really up to you. On my side, the event is held at KLCC area which is pretty much a nightmare to reach and if I were to drive, the cost and time doesn’t justify any form of discount unless the discount is really something that no one can’t refuse. On the other hand, I did thought of visiting the PC Fair – not for the goods but just to do some photography practice. πŸ™‚

I personally think that everyone should visit PC Fair at least once. To get the feel of what PC Fair is like and observe how are the price of goods compared to that of shops that are not participating in PC Fair.

My Thoughts On PC Fair

My Thoughts On PC Fair

So before you head off to your nearest PC Fair – remember to consider all other factors before making your way to any PC Fair because the goods you buy PLUS the other costs could actually translate to having an overall higher cost.

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  1. Yup PC fair is useless in my opinion.
    Want hardware, go to low yat. (no matter how far you are)

    ps: i’m from Perlis. XD

  2. Malaysians are a funny lot. Most of them already know that the prices are almost the same as in Low Yat. Yet they still go to KLCC and endure a hellish experience. They are hoping for that rare magic deal that they cannot find elsewhere. Sort of like people buying lotteries albeit with better chances πŸ™‚

    I’m going there because I want to take some pics and blog about it later today πŸ™‚

  3. Oh! I wanted so much to go PC fair but because all my friends couldn’t make it, i didn’t go in the end. Don’t want to go alone. So i was feeling a little sad but after reading your post, I felt relieved!

    Anyway, I wanted to Mp3 Modulator from there, thought I could get them cheaper from PC fair. Any recommendation?

  4. Author

    @fatty, yes. πŸ™‚ Low Yat is cheap but of course best to factor the convenience factor. For me, quite often I buy stuff from other places like Digital Mall PJ or whatever else place I can find.

    @Andrew – Ahhh someone who finds it that way too. The Magic Deal could appear though, and even if it is – it’s just quite whether the deal would still be there by the time you reach.

    @chien – no idea on the MP3 Modulator part. Surely it’s easier to hunt for them than at PC Fair. πŸ™‚

  5. i saw MP3 modulator for only RM10 at one stall. Dirt cheap. But there’s no packaging, just in a clear plastic.

  6. I haven’t been to PC Fair since 2001 but I happen to drop by today. My opinion – I should’ve gone to Low Yat plaza instead πŸ™‚

  7. @chien
    i saw an mp3 modulator abot rm23 or 29… in packaging and some guy was testing it…no problems there tho’…

    if the items u wanna buy is being sold by the manufacturer booth& also by the shops booth, make sure u ask the price for the item at the shop ooth coz it could be cheaper…

    last year, i bought my nikon digicam rm90 cheaper than the published pamphlet of the shop…but they wrote the pamphlet price on the receipt…
    why? coz it got sumthin’ to do with the deal with the shops and the distributor…

    this year i got me a canon printer which was selling cheap at the canon booth because of the fair, and as a plus, i bought it at the shops booth for an even rm50 cheaper than the canon booth’s price!!!

    conclusion: MIGHT be worth it for buying expensive items…

  8. Author

    Yup – MIGHT. πŸ™‚ If so happen there’s some great discount for something you intend or can afford to buy, as what panty said. πŸ™‚

    Whether any form of discount is worth the hassle and time cost is entirely up to individual.

    One more thing, as far as I know Canon Booths WILL always be more expensive than at shops. πŸ™‚ It’s not a matter of discount, really. I’m a Canon user myself, I found that non-Canon shops can give you cheaper Canon goods that Canon shops. So it’s not that the goods are on great discount, it’s just that shops somehow sell Canon stuff cheaper.

  9. Yes, I agreed. Its a NO.
    Been to PC fair since form 2/3. I haven’t missed since after Form 5.
    Its not worth going anymore, because of jam (if KL has traffic on weekends), pack of crowds and etc and time!

    Cheers people.

  10. I do really love to go to PC Fair because got freebies. – The only difference between Lowyat and PC Fair.

    I missed out the PC Fair this year due to unexpected reasons.

    BTW, my computer is still capable of using Vista even though it’s Pentium 3 with 512RAM. So, I don’t need anything as for now.

    Maybe we can go to PC Fair together?

  11. pc fair is kinda useless,
    i go there for window shopping πŸ˜›
    sometimes u can even get fair price at lyp during pc fair periods,
    and yea it’s the best time to go lyp because the bandwagon is at pc fair, so lowyat plaza not so packed

  12. Author

    @Js, yes. to me the hassle is just not worth it.

    @hehe – if i feel like it la. πŸ™‚ PC Fair – probably the best time to go is Friday morning. That’s when there’s the least crowd as most people are working.

    @Deric – yes, in fact PC Fair price are often around even after the PC Fair.

  13. It is not useless.. it is pointless πŸ˜›

    I was there last week.. seeing the crowd.. I also no mood to walk already. I still prefer to shop at ol’ trusty low yat πŸ™‚

  14. Author

    Yeah, I feel the same way too. The crowd I saw over the years is enough for me to think twice before going.

  15. i did went for few times actually..going there just window shopping..on friday. once i bought my lcd from there, with my friend together, got the cheaper price as compare to normal price. and was once or twice went to buy inks..including the transportation fee still cheaper than normal price. however, i’m student so.. plenty of time.

    and yeah, i really think it’s pointless unless going to join the crowd only. πŸ˜›

  16. and…who maybe lucky enough to find something real cheap πŸ˜› like the phone memory card, etc etc. πŸ˜›

    but i don’t expect pc hardware to be cheap. i still think lowyat cheaper..if pc hardware.

  17. I only went there once, and after that, I prefer going to
    Lowyat Plaza. XD

    But I kinda like the atmosphere in the fair, happening.

  18. Author

    Actually Lowyat Plaza is pretty happening. It’s like there’s always something going on at the Ground floor.

  19. i went to pc fair few times but never bought anything. xD
    but AFAIK, laptops which are sold during pc fair have a lot of freebies compared to normal season.

  20. pc fair is just wasting time… wanna get cheap hardware.. go lowyat… but the last day of pcfair is interesting… cheap printers and etc…

    the only reason i go to pcfair is the booth babes πŸ˜€

  21. yup especially when u buying pc hardware.. other than that such as printer, lcd, laptop and small2 stuff u can get cheaper on the last day of pc fair.. But when u go lowyat plaza also u can ask for discount there..

  22. agreed. pc fair has just become a place where you can find all kinds of stores in one place. sorta like a temporary marketplace. Zzz.

    the logistics involved in going to one. not justifiable. only thing that makes me go is the free stuff with the magazine subscriptions! πŸ˜€

    <3 HWM

  23. what did they give you for subscribing HWM?

  24. wao
    this pc fair is the latest or old de?
    jealous my last time go pc fair is long time ago

  25. Hehehe.. agreee! Photography practise is the main concern! IT chiqs~

  26. @spammer, depends from fair to fair. sometimes its really good like the 80gb samsung hdd i got. (:

    had to queue up like a madman but it was worth it. >_<

  27. Author

    how much is the 80GB HDD you got? during this fair? πŸ™‚

  28. i got the hdd 2 years ago during the august/sept pcfair. haha.. >_<

    this pc fair HWM’s stuff wasnt that interesting.. some notebook cooler. d:

  29. I totally agreed with you. I don’t go to PC Fair too. I don’t like to waste my time there

  30. Author

    Some people go there see chicks. Never heard of people go there see hunks la………

  31. is Broadband fair more thn PC fair… not sure this round… lolz i din go… probably the same… prefer shopping at Lowyat during PC fair… less ppl there during that time.

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