Soft Launch of YTL’s YES 4G Mobile Internet

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

A very exclusive soft-launch it was, with very minimal guests – most of us were already familiar with each other in the Twitterverse – the guests were mainly bloggers and active social media users of Malaysia. 😛 I guess I was invited as both a tech blogger and Twitter user.

The event was held at Cafe Vienna.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

A word of thanks to our hosts for arranging a delicious buffet session, and on top of that, allowed us to order some other dishes to savor.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

What other dishes you say? Well it’s covered on my article at and I hope you already had your meal because you could be tempted.

Let’s cut back to the YTL event – the key speaker for today’s event is Mr. Wing.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

It was a casual setting for this soft launch, Mr Wing presented to us the details on YTL’s set up for the 4G service and also their plans and directions. No media kit available so I can’t go into details about what’s it all about but basically it’s about YES – that’s the name of YTL’s 4G Mobile Internet service that’s coming to you soon.

More details at – book your 018 number and ID.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

Besides highlighting the new service, what drew my attention were the products that come along with the service.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

These products are for real – here’s Mr. Wing holding them.

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

Put it simple, GO is the USB device for laptop, if I’m not mistaken it also is thin and has a flexible USB connection point for ease of usage and storage. The Huddle seems to work like a MiFi device. The Buzz is a phone (very obvious, no?). Lastly, the Zoom – which I could best describe it as a router.

Here’s a video of the event before I proceed with my thoughts.

My Thoughts

The 1st thing I like about this service is that it gives you both voice and data and it DOES NOT REQUIRE a SIM CARD!!! WTH!?!?! That’s really awesome.

The 2nd thing I like is that it works with User ID – I got my ID already and my ID is also attached to an E-mail and also a 018 number, cool eh?

The 3rd thing I like is that you can use multiple devices, meaning if you have 4 phones – you can log in with your YES ID and if someone calls you, it’ll ring on all 4 phones and you’ll just have to pick up any.

The 4th thing I like is that address book is tied to your number. So log in through any phone that supports the service and there ya have it, your contact list is there. It’s like logging in to Windows Live Messenger.

The 5th thing I like (ok, this is starting to look like a Christmas shopping list………. either that or a primary school kid’s mid-semester homework. *shrugs* ) is that I could have my subscription running on various devices, like say having the Zoom at home to cater for my family’s Internet connection while myself being some place else and using the subscription via my mobile device.

The 6th thing I like is the speed (obviously) – which is anywhere from 3 to 5 times faster than 3G. They did a live test (why didn’t I think about video-ing it, I don’t know) and the connection had like 11Mbps download and 2Mbps upload to a local server using Speedtest. International lines, if I’m not mistaken it dropped to 2Mbps – that’s still faster than my Streamyx account!

I can’t think of any other thing else right now. Rates? No one knows, it’ll be unveiled at the launch which is a few weeks away. From what I gathered at the event, it is supposed to be pay-per-use so we’ll see how affordable it is.

For me, I’m most keen with the YES Zoom as I am hoping to have an alternative Internet connection. A gamer and a blogger who utilizes video technology, a stable and fast Internet connection is very helpful when it comes to uploading high-resolution video. I most certainly look forward to give YTL’s offering a go!

Soft Launch of YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet

Go get your number and ID!!!

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  1. Yep. Me too is looking forward to their service. Sadly no price is announced yesterday!
    else im really hyped by reading yesterday’s twitter stream (if they really did it right!)

  2. I hope they will have a Messenger/Skype type app .for my laptop when I’m overseas

  3. I was jz wondering, so we need to buy their product/phone and connect through it only can use it ? or we can jz access the network like by logging in like a normal wifi… if like then will be nice since any wifi-enabled devices can use it..

  4. Hi all and also Jacksprat & blacky88!

    As for your questions. I am unable to officially give you the full details as yet (we’ll know on the 19th onwards) though as far as I can say here is that there are devices as you had mentioned in the making and also with the huddle (which works just the same as a mi-fi as in going around connected as a mobile hotspot). It’s wifi-enabled for you and your friends to enjoy those amazing speeds. As for the app and other queries for official answers, I’d say you can best tweet it to @YES4G this monday during busines hours to get their standpoint 🙂

  5. Sadly a Wimax based phone means there’ll be no iPhone or Droid or any of the latest hot h/p.

  6. 2mbps upload is impressive. this is according to the latest 4G specifications? if yes, then it’s good for gaming and HDTV streaming

    what I like is no contract/commitment

  7. i wonder how about the coverage…..since this is new technology does it use cell tower like 3G?

  8. I got my Yes ID with already a free 300MB data per month, because I’m a student in the YES-registered university. I hope it’s all great. 😀

  9. 6 days to go…..until the launching date 19Nov

  10. Interesting.. Another player in the market! woot!

    I saw their “troopers” around Lot 10 yesterday. Should have taken more photos with them…

  11. Super Expensive broadband will launch on 19 nov (YES 4G), because prepaid users will be charged RM0.09/3MB, that means RM599 for 20GB.

  12. Is it confirmed price – RM0.09/3MB?

  13. hope they will come out with other plan for home internet. if not it will be too expensive. do the math.
    P1 20G =RM99, means RM1 u can get about 202Mb.
    If this is YES plan, RM1 u only can get abt 33Mb.
    Correct me if my calculation is wrong.

  14. And minimum RM30 usage required per month.

  15. I don’t really see how they can call this “4G” … it’s only capable of a downlink of 11 Mbps … a real 4G connection is suppose to have a minimum downlink of 1 Gbps which is what Japan has

  16. Author

    Looks like their rates are out. Website is hardly accessible though.

    Yes, real 4G is approximately 1 Gbit/s.

  17. their website is definitely not accessible. perhaps they realized that they have done their maths wrong with the rates? i heard someone commenting loudly at the next table when i was having my dinner just now commenting about yes 4g… “aiyah, collaborate with u mobile punya!”

  18. YTL Yes = Bad

    1 cheat your money , all have you pay and can’t use
    2 call centre all dead , call all the way no answer and ask you list down your number but never call back to you.
    3 Go to “KL Centre” to ask for help they said its something problem with yes system , we will call you tonight or tomorrow for sure to explanations, few day no one call from them.
    4 Log on to “” , just press all the link have to wait 1hour or more than that and alway came out “server error”
    5 super waste time and super bad service.

    Don’t remove this, because this is a complaint, till you fixed the problem.

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