My Yes 4G Experience

My Yes 4G Experience

The soft-launch of YTL’s Yes 4G was back in November 2010 but I didn’t subscribe to it until about a month ago and I must say that I’m impressed.

Choice of Device

I bought the RM 1.2k package with free Yes 4G Router called ZOOM. I was in a dilemma on whether to go for Zoom or Huddle. I’m aware of how all their products work, the GO (USB Modem) was NO GO for me as I already have my Celcom 3G enabled mobile device using my N900. I’d rather have something else. BUZZ was a phone, I don’t need that either, my N900 is already doing the job. I may consider the BUZZ some other time when I see the need for it.

So it’s down to HUDDLE and ZOOM. Both are for sharing networks but since I intend to use it for my home network as a secondary line, I decided to go for the ZOOM. I still have HUDDLE in my shopping list, probably a few months down the road. πŸ˜€ It will certainly be faster than my Celcom 3G when I’m on the go.

The availability of device is subjected to the retail partners. Best to call them up ( refer to the retail partners list ) before visiting them.

Speed / Coverage

I’m using the device at my residence here in Bandar Sri Damansara, a nice community on a hill. I placed the Zoom at the hall near the sliding door and I usually get 3 – 4 bars signal strength. Moving it further into the hall and the reception drops to 2. πŸ™

This is the highest speed I got so far……..

My Yes 4G Experience

This on the other hand, is the usual speed I get (taken on a weekend, at night)

My Yes 4G Experience

While I’ve not the opportunity to bring the Yes 4G connection around, I do have friends that can testify of their good coverage across major towns and cities in the country. πŸ™‚

Is it enough for gaming? Yes it is, I’ve been playing Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and I full bar for the connection strength indicator but it’s not perfect, there were times during wee hours in the morning where I get only 1 or 2 bars, you wouldn’t want to play those games when the connection is that bad because it’s just frustrating.

After-Sales Service

I’m most impressed by the response of their customer service at @YesCare on Twitter. They’ve always attended to me and responded to my questions.

I also like the facility that allows me to check on my usage and balance, however too bad it’s not real time. Not a big issue.

My Yes 4G Experience

Till date I’ve not need to make a phone call to them, I had an issue where I was penalized for months that I did not use the account, despite I wasn’t an active user yet. They got it resolved for me and all communications were only done via Twitter. Kudos to YTL for such good service!

Value For Money

Yes offers Valuepacks that lowers the cost of usage even further. Usually it’s 0.03 sen per MB (that’s RM 30 per GB) and you could get it cheaper with rebates but with the Valuepack, you pay RM 150 (from your credits) to get 10GB worth of data to use (that’s RM 15 per GB). πŸ˜€ That practically halves the price per MB, and you get to carry the leftover un-used data to the next following month.

For those who download a lot of games, applications and other media content by the gigabytes, then you’re better off not using Yes 4G. It’ll cost you much more in the end. I’m still using my Streamyx connection for the most part, nothing beats paying only RM 66 and not having to care about how much I’m downloading.

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  1. is it something similar to P1Wimax?

  2. I have tested their speed in Lot 10 before and it’s mindboggling! Too bad it’s not in coverage in my area and their coverage is not as wide at the moment compare to the other telcos.

  3. ВСсьма..

  4. may i correct on the point that the usage info is not real-time,i think recently i check the usage data is ‘real-time’

  5. Author

    from my experience, it’s not real-time.

    If it was real-time, then I wouldn’t be seeing the message “*The information displayed here shows your usage from your last account statement date until yesterday as at 11.59 PM “

  6. This review has helped me.. Thanks! will be planning to get the Huddle!

  7. hey brian,
    i’ve reloaded thru the valuepacks before but it’s only valid for 1 month! all unused left-over won’t be transferred to the following month like u said here..


  8. Author


    It’s clearly stated that it’ll be carried forward

    Q: How long does a Valuepack last?
    A: A Valuepack is valid for 30 days from the day you start using it. You can roll over your unused data, minutes and SMS as long as you buy another Valuepack before the 30 days is up.

    I just reloaded ValuePack 68 (3.5GB) a few days back too, and now My account shows Valuepack Bal: Data: 6,430.93 MB

    πŸ™‚ If my balance didn’t carry forward, it should be just a figure less than 3.5GB by now.

  9. Be careful when you are buying the Zoom device. I live in Penang and i bought mine at the Yes retail store in Queensbay mall. After using the Zoom device for only 4 months, it has issue. It’s no longer working. Something was wrong with the firmware. The thing with the problem is that it;s very difficult to diagnose because the device could work sometimes and couldn’t work at some time. The Yes retail store only agree for a replacement after I put the device there for them to test for several hours. If you have the same problem with the Zoom device, i highly suggest you to leave the device in their store for them to test.

    But I was disappointed when the replacement was done with a re-furbished or re-conditioned device. The replacement was NOT exactly with a new device. I asked about it and they say it;s the policy of the company. But they don’t want to extend the warranty period. Meaning that I will have to take the refurbished device and live with the remaining warranty period. I feel that i get CHEATED because refurbished device is prone to problems, meaning that it is likely to have hardware/software issue after a few months of usage.

    I am not sure if this is the policy of YTL or the policy of just the retail store . I am still finding out with Yes Care. IF you are buying the Zoom device, make sure you check with the retail store before making your payment. Ask them if the replacement will be on a new device or a refurbished device.

  10. HI> Last week, I do replacement on my device (go) and according to them, now they practicing new stock. No more refurbish stock. And it’s confirmed. Kudos to yes!!

  11. pls tell me whether it is to play online games on ps3 ! & someone please tell me the NAT type !

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