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Hello dear readers, so sorry nowadays very busy. Long time no update……….. yet again. 🙁 So with this, I just like to announce that Facebook Applications! 😀
2 Applications are currently available on Facebook,


This is the simplified version of the Power Supply Wattage Recommendation based on Graphic Card that you see here. 🙂 It just displays all the cards.

PSU Calculator

…….. more appropriately called PSU Wattage Requirement Estimation Tool. 🙂 I just had to shorten it due to Facebook’s limitation.

This application is exclusive to Facebook fan page only.

Thank you for all the support!

By the way, I got so busy I missed’s birthday! 😀 Yay! 4 years passed, and I hope site continues to be informative to all.

Another thing that took me by surprised were my photography articles, just enter “dslr beginner” in Google and my article appears on top of the list (click here to view it in Google). Feels great to know Google took note of this article and placed it ahead of many other articles from far more reputable sites. 😀

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