Multiple Computer Internet Connection Sharing with WiMAX-Ready 4G Notebook

Multiple Computer Internet Connection Sharing with WiMAX-Ready 4G Notebook

For those of you who have (or would be having) a WiMAX-Ready 4G mobile device such as the Lenovo V360 – did you know that you can share your 4G Internet Connection as well?

It was the exact same thing that I covered in the ICS article. In that article, the configuration was basically to tell the operating system that you would like that LAN port (or whichever else you selected) is to be used as the point of connection, where any device connected there would be able to share your Internet connection.

So in this article, I’m using the 4G connection available on the notebook instead of the usual ADSL connection.

In order to share with multiple computers, I had Wi-Fi router connected to the LAN port. The router was on default setting, no fancy tweaking other than the WPA security configuration for WiFi signal.

Here’s a video of the exact setup.

The highlight of this article is to show that

a) you can share the Internet connection from onboard WiMAX device.

b) you can use a router (wi-fi or not) to allow sharing to more devices.

The downside of this setup is that the Internet connection device is in the machine itself, so bye bye Internet connection once the big boss leaves the base.

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  1. excuse me .. so it is possbile that I can share my lappy’s Digi broadband to others without a router ?

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