Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Made Easy

Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Made Easy

Here’s a very simple guide on sharing Internet connection.

Before we begin, let’s have a look at a typical setup that the ICS was made for.

Network Connection Setup

Unlike a network that connects via a router that communicates with a modem, the ICS setup doesn’t use a router but uses a designated computer (called HOST) to handle the Internet connection and the communication of all connected machines with the Internet.

Refer to the illustration below.


As you can see, the host supports multiple computers that connected via a switch (wired of course). The setup above is a more complex setup, the most simple setup would be to have only 1 machine connecting to the host’s network port using cross cable.

Very Simple Steps

Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Made EasyLook for the connection that you intend to share, in my example image, I’m about to share my Bluetooth dial-up (3G) connection.

Just right-click on the icon of the connection to share and select PROPERTIES. The idea is to share the connection that you’re accessing the Internet with, hence the name “Internet Connection Sharing” (ICS). It could be any connection, Wi-Fi, 56k modem, or even those Wireless broadband service like those from Celcom, DiGi, P1 and others.

Once you are in the properties window, just click on SHARING and check the boxes that allow others to use your connection (refer to the image below). At this point, you should also select the connection that others will be using to connect to the Internet, in my case I’m selecting the LAN connection to be the point of access for the other machine.

Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Made Easy

Click OK on everything and it’s done. Test the shared connection by attempting to access the Internet via the client machine (the machine that’s connected to the host).

If it doesn’t work, you might just have to re-establish the shared connection. If not, just do a reboot on the machines. Remember to make sure the other machines are NOT using static IP as the host will assign the IP addresses accordingly.

Anyway, if this guide was too simplistic – do refer to the ICS page.

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