Creating a FAVICON for Your Website

Creating a FAVICON for Your Website

I’m sure there’s many of you out there who wanted one, even if you don’t know exactly what it’s called! 😀

What is the FAVICON?

Creating a FAVICON for Your Website FAVICON is that little image that commonly appears right in front of the Address / URL bar of any web browser, just before the HTTP part. As you can see the FAVICON for is that little black square with some orange artsy curves.

Creating a FAVICON for Your WebsiteHave a look at your browser’s bookmark, the list of sites are very likely to have their icons shown there as well. As you can see it’s a very useful way to locate your favourite sites in your bookmark, it’s like it carries the image of the site. 😀 Good to have one, isn’t it?

How to make one

A FAVICON file is an image that is 16×16 pixels in dimension, saved under ICO format with the .ico extension. Most people just name theirs “favicon.ico”.

If you have the Adobe Photoshop application with you, then installing the Save to ICO plugin from Telegraphics will allow you to directly save the image into ICO file format.

If you don’t, then there’s this really cool web-based ICO conversion service at HTML-Kit.

After acquiring your ICO file, the next step is to upload it to a host where you could call it from your website.

The HTML for calling the FAVICON is very simple.

Simple, right? It should work as long as it’s on the root folder of your website. In case it doesn’t work, you could use the full URL

If you’re unclear of the location of the file, just keep on trying and do remember to clear the cache.

Have fun creating your own FAVICON!

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  1. haha… now you remind me about the FAVICON… I simply whack one when I first start up my blog… I think is time to redesign…

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