Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

First event of the year for goldfries happens to be the preview of Nokia’s upcoming X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition – yes, UPCOMING, meaning it’s not yet released.

The Event

Thanks Nokia, for the delicious meal at Dubrovnik, Solaris Mon’t Kiara. Thanks also for the earlier event which was about the E72 which I did not manage to blog about. 😀 So sorry for that.

Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

After getting a short UPDATE session with friends, we were presented with details of COMES WITH MUSIC, the key feature that comes with the X6 (more about it later). Here presenting the details is Joyce, the Nokia Music Service Manager. 🙂

Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

After that Glen Cha, Product Marketing Manager with the details of the Nokia X6. Below, the gathering of people (bloggers, active users of Nokia products, media people and so on) testing out their Nokia X6 with the CMW service. Their Nokia X6? YUP!!! Myself included!

Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

Yay, my 2 Nokia phones. 😀 Games + Music = AWESOMENESS! (Thanks Nokia!)

Preview of Nokia X6-00 32GB Comes With Music edition

Comes with Music

Nokia unveils “Comes With Music”
During the event the company announced Nokia Comes With Music, a revolutionary program that enables people to buy a Nokia device with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks from a range of great artists – past, present and future. Once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.

source – I know it’s an old press release but it pretty much sums the CMW.

Here’s the catch – you can only play the songs you’ve downloaded on the computer that you’ve activated the Nokia Ovi Player and also the X6 of yours. You can change phone and computer every 3 months.

It works like iTunes but instead of pay-per-song, you get 12 months UNLIMITED download of whatever you want. I’ve just download about 20 songs so far. 😀 Interface feels slow but decently friendly I must say.

I’ve tried connecting my N86 while the Nokia Ovi Player software was running (replaced the X6 with N86) and my N86 kept restarting – no hope of transferring it over. The format downloaded is in WMA, thus having the DRM license that’s required for playback.

For us in Malaysia, the Ovi Music Store is catered to the Malaysian taste.

About the Nokia X6

It looks and feels pretty much like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic but it’s overall a better user experience, improved touchscreen with kinetic scrolling, better speakers, comes with nice headphones, at least to me it is. 😀 Those of you with Sennheisers or whatever expensive stuff may not be as easily satisfied.

Product details.

Anyway, that pretty much sums it up for now. Feel free to leave any questions on this new product and service and I’ll answer them (with the help of Nokia).

😀 Don’t ask about RRP as it will be announced on launch date and I don’t know the launch date.

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  1. Wahhhh I want free PHONES!!!
    Call me if got invites for nokia launchs~ especially the NOKIA N900! =DDD
    .-= JustinH´s last blog ..Oreo Cheese Cake Best! =-.

  2. Not a fan of smart phone, especially touch screen type. Sold my iPhone 3G and got myself a simple phone, Nokia 2700. True story. xD
    .-= apamise´s last blog ..Broadband Price in Malaysia =-.

  3. Author

    @justinH – ehh not me to decide leh

    @apamise – I’m not touch screen person, no iphone fan. 😀 but I do use phone kau kau for game, E-mail and photo.

    @Justin – a clear sign of me having MW2 addiction. 😀 thanks!

  4. Massive fan of this phone – been waiting for the launch and it is finally here.

    There are many deals out there were you can get the phone for free with excellent monthly contracts.

  5. pls nokia i nd nokia x6 pls if any cal (08161808529)

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