MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

MSI introduces the Big Bang Fuzion to the media today at INC Cyber Café here in SS2 just today.

The event was a very casual and unique one, done in a cyber café instead of the usual hotel or conference room.

This is what a typical cyber café looks like……….*gasp* DoTA! 😛 DoTArds in action! It was some gaming event MSI organized as well but we’re not covering that one in this article. 😀

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

Now back to the Fuzion……

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

The key feature of the Fuzion board to me is the Hydra Engine.

Powered by Hydra Engine, Big Bang Fuzion can offer the most flexible upgradability on 3D performance, allowing users to install cross-vender GPUs in a single system. The technology can perform scalable rendering to deliver near-linear gaming performance by load-balancing graphics processing tasks.

In the sample unit, they ran a GTX275 and HD5770.

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

What the Hydra Engine does is that you can now combine 2 different cards without having to face the limitation of nVidia’s SLI or ATi’s CrossfireX. In SLI – you need the same graphic card. In CrossfireX you need the cards to be from the same family. (Sorry, not going into CrossfireX / SLI details here – there’s plenty around and we’re not going that direction here.)

Without these limitations, you can now have nVidia and ATI card combining power, or even across nVidia card types (eg GTX285 and GTX275) or ATI cards across family (HD5850 and HD5770).

Let’s say you already have a HD5850 and you want Physx, you’ll need to pair it with an nVidia based graphic card. And that add on card doesn’t contribute to the graphic processing capability. With the Hydra Engine, you not only get to use the Physx but you also get the card to contribute to the performance. Need ATI’s Eyefinity? Then all you need to do is switch the output.

On the downside – you can’t have both. 🙂 Meaning it’s either a feature from the nVidia card (eg Physx, Cuda…..) or the ATI card (eg Eyefinity….)

Beside the Hydra Engine, the Fuzion board comes with an external OC Genie! Yay! No need to open casing just to adjust it already.

Click here for complete details on the Big Bang Fuzion motherboard.

My Thoughts

For those of you who have been scouring around the computer hardware scene, you might have noticed that the Hydra from Lucid was around for quite a while but never made it to any motherboard until now.

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

I’m just curious on why is it on a P55 board instead of something of a higher league like those on X58.

Another thought is that P55 boards have a limitation on the PCI-E lanes when running dual graphic cards, moving forward I foresee that the x8 / x8 could pose a limitation for new generation of graphic cards.

Sometimes these things don’t cross your mind until you begin to write about it. 😀

Lastly, here are the guys (myself included) for a few rounds of Counter-Strike : Source – Wern Shen from, Justin from CHIP, Ken from STUFF and so on so forth. 😛

MSI Big Bang Fuzion Event

After weeks of COD:MW2, playing CS:S was just a nightmare, I can’t aim down and I can’t swipe my knife when I’m near hostiles………….got pwnd badly.

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  1. LOL.

    CODtard got pawned by a casual CS:S gamer. 😛

    cant use V key doncha.

  2. Author

    my CS skill gone so long already. 🙁 i never even touched CS:S 😛

    to make things worse, i had bad form that day. lulz. oh well………. but more important was to have good time with friends la. 😀

  3. TOLD ya!

    MW2 rawrs ;P, cs can just go jump snipe and head blows 😉

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