Launch of the YES Eclipse Smartphone

Launch of the YES Eclipse Smartphone

YTL launched the YES Eclipse just a few days back (2nd May) – claiming to be the smartest 4G device.

The YES Eclipse looks interesting, no doubt about that.

I like that it supports DUAL Telco, this means I get to use the YES network and a Telco provider of my choice. This means you need not bring a YES Huddle device along with you just to use the YES network.

I like it that it’s also has a long battery life, claimed to be 90 hours of standby time and 7 hours of actual usage time.

The device was comfortable to hold but when I first saw the screen, my thought was “Why not sharp?” – I’m quite used to the screens seen on Samsung, HTC and Apple devices to the screen on the Eclipse was the first blow. And then there’s the OS, it was still on Android 2.2.2 (Froyo) – 2 generations behind the Ice Cream Sandwich.

If it was just a generation back (2.3.x aka Gingerbread) then I think it’ll leave a better impression, many devices are still on Gingerbread but certainly not Froyo. I’m sure the YES and their engineers who made the device had their reasons but it’s not helping the impression it leaves.

So fair enough, I still like the device. I did’t know the price of the device (even during presentation) so I thought if it was RM 800 – 1000 or so then it would still be quite reasonable.

I heard that the media get some 50% discount for the device at the end of the event 😀 50% off seems like a good bargain the device was priced as I had hoped for as I was looking for a replacement for my HTC Desire Z.

So there I was, dumbfounded when I saw the price was RM 1,688 – the Eclipse was ECLIPSED by the price itself. I can’t imagine paying that price for something of a far lower spec compared to devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II / III, Nexus, HTC’s One X and of course Apple’s iPhone (though not Android).

In fact, you could get yourself a much cheaper HTC One V and Samsung Galaxy W and pair it with the Huddle XS (RM 480). It’s still overall cheaper, you get a better device without too much of a hassle.

Product Details :
Product Bashing : (sorry YTL, you really need to work on the price.)

Practicality or Insanity?

My take is that the device has potential, it’s not the greatest in specs but I personally treasure what I get out of the device BUT the price is a huge blow to the consumer – being a consumer, everyone has COST in mind. RM 1,688 isn’t attractive, neither are the available packages.

Paying RM 238 per month for 24 month that comes to a total of RM 5712 just to own the device for free doesn’t make sense either, in fact it looks INSANE!!!

Launch of the YES Eclipse Smartphone

Here’s why it looks insane – there are RM 98 per month for 6GB and RM 168 for 10GB post-paid plans available. They total to RM RM 2352 and RM 4032 after 24 months. Couple that with the RM 1688 device, the total is only
– RM 4040 for 6GB per month over 24 months + device
– RM 5720 for 10GB per month over 24 months + device

See how the RM 238 for 7GB per month over 24 months (RM 5712 total) is insane?