Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Tauron is a massively feature rich casing from Sharkoon. Does it work as good as the specs on data sheet?

By the way, Green Edition refers to the casing’s GREEN painted interior, it has nothing to do with the environment.

Before we begin, here’s a little video I did for the product.

Official Product Page – Click Here.

I’ll skip the details and let the Data Sheet / Brochure do the talking. I couldn’t have done it any better, so here is the direct download link – DOWNLOAD.

User Experience

As with other products, I love installing them or using them without reading the manual. I find that this is the best way to test how user friendly is a product. 🙂 For Sharkoon’s case, I do feel that they should provide the manual with the casing, considering this is NOT your average simple casing.

That said, I managed to completely setup the system with no problems at all. After checking the manual (Direct Download) – the only thing I did that was not according to the manual, was the choice of screw for the PSU, though it works fine. 😀 I also couldn’t figure out how to remove the hard drive cages until I read the manual.

Overall, it’s a great casing. Considering it’s such a fine casing, I decided to do some cable management, something that I’ve not been doing for quite some time. Cable management is not easy, especially when the casing lacks space, especially on the other side of the panel, behind the base that holds the motherboard.

Anyway, the following are the highlights during my installation process.

The most striking part of the casing has to be the bright green painted interior. The unit I already had some minor scratches right out of the box and during installation, I managed to add a few scars to it. Fortunately they’re covered by the motherboard.

Installation was easy. The one that took up the bulk of my time was the cable management work. Not the casing’s fault of course, in fact the casing has sufficient room for decent (my skill level) cable management.

Upon dismantling the front panel, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of filters provided, indeed they’re most welcome!

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

I must say the storage device tray was very nicely painted. They’re easy to remove and stays firmly on the casing.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

The above was my initial setup where the SATA and POWER connector face the back. I later decided to have the SATA and POWER connector face outwards for convenience, easy access to dismantle the power connector is a plus for my setup.

Throughout my setup process, I think there were only a few disappointments. First one being one of the openings towards the top of the casing was blocked by the casing and the fan. Refer to the image below, notice how the casing blocks the opening.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

As if that was not bad enough, the other side was blocked by the 170mm fan. Double bummer. I can’t get my CPU12V power cable through. In the end I had to dismantle the fan in order to get it to work the way I wanted.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Then there’s the fan directions. I dismantled the 170mm fan for 2 reasons – Cable Managemand and Cable Management. The first one being to make space for the CPU12V cable to pass through the opening. Second one being to orient the fan so that the fan’s power cable is closest to the cable management opening.

I did the same for the rear (exhaust) fan as well. Notice how ugly was the cable if I hadn’t change the orientation? (the BEFORE and AFTER images at the end of the article).

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Sharkoon also provided the Internal USB 3.0 adapter.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

Unfortunately the adapter does not have enough room to fit unto the board. 🙁 Pity.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

There are only 2 ways for one to use the front USB 3.0, the first one is to connect it to the adapter but as you can see, the idea is a NO GO. The second way, is to drag it all the way out of the casing and connect it to the USB 3.0 ports at the back. Ugghhh, it’s ugly. In the end I just kept the USB 3.0 cables at the top of the casing.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)

The top panel was removable and there’s plenty of space between the cover and the chassis itself.

I think the most tedious of all during my setup process, was to remove the plastic that covers the acrylic window on the side panel. It was soooooo well packaged that you had to remove the acrylic panel in order to remove the plastic, but to remove the acrylic panel also mean having to bend MANY very strong metal holders, and bend it back to position to hold the acrylic panel when done.

It comes with 2 fan speed controller and each controller comes with multiple fan connection so you can work out which control is assigned to which fan. I assigned the exhaust (top and rear) fans to one controller, and the 2 intake (front) fans to another controller. Currently all the fans draw power from a single source that’s powered via the fan controller system.

You can also choose to have the fans powered by the PSU directly instead, by using the 4-pin molex that is also part of the connector that is already with the fan.

For my setup, the fan at full speed or lowest speed setting – it makes little difference as the fans are already silent to begin with. I’m even running my system fanless for now. Have to change my heatsink soon. 😉

Here is the Before / After picture.

Sharkoon Tauron PC Casing Review (Green Edition)


I love the casing! For RM 300 or so, you get a casing of good build and more importantly, ample space to manage. It looks great both inside and outside. 🙂

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  1. It is missing the most important feature of a truly useful case and that is a built in SATA hot plugging caddy.

  2. Like the rewiew,like the case. BUY!

  3. can i put a nh-d14 cpu cooler?? from the dimensions it says that takes 17cm coolers and the noctua nh-d14 is 16cm. But i think i will have problems…. what do you think??

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