Introduction of the Redesigned Friendster Gaming Platform

Introduction of the Redesigned Friendster Gaming Platform

MOL Global acquired Friendster, pioneer of the social network, in November 2009 and has since redesigned the peer community into an exciting gaming + socializing site for Asians. The new look has been in its BETA stage and has managed to attract its existing users as well as new users to experience social discovery through Friendster.

Currently the games are free to play, and from the details I got during the press conference, they are heading towards the direction of HTML5 for games to cater for tablet users (they claim the system detects the device in use) and uses cloud servers to serve gamers in the region.

Friendster also launched the some locally developed products such as Friendster Hotspot and Friendster iCafe. The Hotspots provide retail outlets with a free Wi-Fi infrastructure that is funded completely by advertising. These hotspots are currently available and F&B outlets such as Starbucks, Old Town White Coffee, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Wendy’s, Krispy Kreme and Papa John’s, with over 350 retail outlets and 1.5 million unique monthly users.

Friendster iCafe is a free cybercafe management system integrating operations and accounts for ease of owner administration, it manages time usage of computers, customers, game consoles, billing and so on. Currently it’s used by over 400 cybercafe with over 150 million video and banner ads displayed monthly.

I’ve tested their most popular game Boomz, reminds me of Gunbound. I haven’t play Gunbound but I know what Gunbound looks like. 🙂 Registration on the site via Facebook API was simple, the games are limited at this point of time but should be appealing to many.

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