How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

Quite often people have no idea how often should they update their blog.

I’ve come by people who post 3 or more articles on daily basis and others who update like only once a fortnight – so which is the correct way to do it?

The Answer

There’s no answer! 🙂 Simply because there’s no rule on how often one should update his or her blog.

Having Frequent Updates

Some people update their contents on almost daily basis. I have even come by bloggers who have 3 posts daily!

How Often Should I Post On My Blog? Having frequent updates has quite a number of advantages, the main advantage is that your readers have new content to read everyday! They’ll actually have a reason to visit you practically on a daily basis. That’s great for your traffic! In fact, with daily updates, you also have more content, which also means there’s more content that people could come by via search engine as there’s certainly more keywords.

On the downside, people might get the negative impression that you are losing steam once you decide to slowdown your pace. Sometimes too many content isn’t good either, it could exhaust you. In the end you could end up being stressed to create new content just to follow the set pace. Ultimately, it could end up hurting the quality of your content.

Less Frequent Updates

Then of course there are those like myself, who update the blog contents (with new posts of course!) on an interval of anywhere between 2 to 5 days.

I think the downside is obvious, you don’t have that many content and your visitors don’t have reason to come back on daily basis. Search engine traffic would still be fine, it’s hard to say that it won’t be good as it really is subjected to the content.

The plus side is that you are not obligated to comply to the hectic pace. You could publish at extended intervals once in a while without being labelled as losing steam. 🙂

Updates That Are No Where To Be Seen

If your blog updates are like once every 2 weeks or perhaps even going on monthly or bi-montly basis – it’s not wrong but you don’t get much of the benefits mentioned in the above. 🙂

I will however, be absolutely clear that you’re just blogging for fun and passion, and enjoying it! 😀

My Thoughts

I think daily updates are great for personal blog, if you have an interesting lifestyle or if you’re a person who have a lot of thoughts to share (whether it’s a point to ponder or you just love to rant) then why not?

Sure, you could do that for a niche blog by posting latest news or articles from another website but I don’t think that makes quality content, it’ll end up being just a portal for news from all other websites.

For, it’s practically impossible to do it on a daily basis as almost all the articles take long hours to write. Try doing that while having a business to run and clients to handle – it’s almost impossible. As for my other websites like Buurps, and Hattrick Malaysia – I have other people working with me on generating contents.

Ultimately, it boils down to your content type and how frequent can you generate it. Go for a pace that’s comfortable, I believe that should be the priority. No point killing yourself doing it. 🙂

Do Share

I’m sure many of you are bloggers, how often do you update your blog?

Do share your experience.

12 thoughts on “How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

  1. Most of the time I would try to update my blog daily, with exception that I’ll have a weekend break. My blog is still new. But eventually I know I will slow down and post like you, a post in 2-5 days.

  2. I guess it boils down to personal preference. I post whenever I feel like posting or when there’s something to post. Let it be once a week or 3 times a week, I did it because I feel like to. Not because I am obligated to do so. By this way, I know I wouldn’t feel the pressure of ‘have-to-post-something-by-today-else-die’. Anyway, it’s my personal blog, not some information counter blog where it is a place to feed information to readers.

  3. @XceN – have fun updating! I think 2 – 5 days is good. 🙂

    @Chong – yes personal preference. A blog could also be a reflecting of how busy you are, especially personal blogs. Show people how your life is like.

    @a@ron – active leh?

    @soonkiong – yeah, relaxing, just like how my personal blog is too. sometimes forgot to post anything for weeks. As for this site, i have to keep posting. 🙂 Online magazine of some sort already.

  4. As I think I was born a writer but came in late into the blogging world and I have so many things to say in so many topics, I update 1 blog according to my profession at 11.59pm daily and the one about relationship at 7am daily.

  5. yesterday i posted 5 – 6 articles on my blog. depends actually, sometimes when you’re busy, u wont have time to update at all, but if you do, make as much as u can, and set the schedule for it.

  6. actually i planned to write a post a day.
    but sometimes just no time to do so. and writing some post are time consuming, like long grandmother story post with picture some more…
    and those technical review and tutorials…
    So… maybe one week got 3-4 post will be fine for me… haha!

    in my opinion, if update too frequent like 3 or 4 post each day, i wont like it so much cos the impression is the content is not very good… xD… this is my personal feeling only.

    if i have time and write a few post, i will rather schedule it than release it immediately.

  7. Serious bloggers post at least once a day, if not they have a guest post. This is something I could never achieve, unless I hired a ghostwriter =)

  8. @joshua – Too many posts can make it rather difficult to follow. The attention of each article is lost as each new article comes.

    @jeff – I don’t think # of posts per day indicates how serious a blogger is. I believe it has to be balanced with the article quality.

  9. i should hang myself in shame, because i take about 1 to 2 months to write a movie review, eventhough i am only blogging for fun. My friends also said i am too long winded in my writing.

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