D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review

D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review

This is a 2-way KVM Switch from D-Link for PS/2 connection, and it also comes with audio support. I was looking for a KVM with audio-support and this was the cheapest unit I could find.

The Appearance

It has the D-Link products’ signature shiny silver feel, with dark gray areas and cyan colored background for the model name. The button (for switching between PCs) is situated on the right side of the KVM-121, assuming you’re facing the device’s front.

D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review
D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review

Unlike the ATEN KVMs that I’ve used before where the sockets to your devices are all located at the back, the sockets on the D-Link KVM-121 are located in front. I believe they thought that this would be very convenience for connection purpose but in my opinion, this makes things messy.

The package for the D-Link KVM-121 KVM comes with the KVM itself, the cables and the installation guide. More details are on their official product page.

User Experience

Horrible, at least for me it is.

Apparently D-Link didn’t think it through when designing this KVM. You see, when the input ports are in front, doesn’t that indicate to you that it’ll be messy?

Regardless of how you put it, you’ll end up viewing the cables from the monitor, audio, keyboard and mouse all right smack at your face. It was an ugly sight. I tried putting it on my table and it was occupying a lot of space. I don’t mind a longer or wider KVM as long as the cables are nicely fit, but this wasn’t the case.

D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review
D-Link KVM-121 KVM Switch Review

Now the thing about this KVM is that it has this intelligence to switch to an active connection. Say you have 2 computers running. So now you’re on Computer A, and you decide to power down Computer A. Computer B is still running. Once the KVM detects no signal from Computer A, it’ll automatically switch to Computer B.

This might be a nice feature to some of you but it was a nightmare to me. When it comes to reviewing hardware and doing tests, there’s surely the need to power-down the system, whether it’s for changing of hardware, trouble-shooting, overclocking or anything else for that matter. Imagine how annoying it is when the switch automatically goes to another machine once the machine you’re working on is down. So each time I power up the machine, I’ll have to rush to switch the KVM back or I’ll miss out the opportunity to enter BIOS setup. 🙁 Annoying!

Lastly, my audio output has a split cable for my front and rear speakers, so setting it up on the table isn’t possible so I had to put it under the table. Funny eh? Using my toes to do the switching took a little practice but it works fine now……….. don’t laugh! 😀 I couldn’t be bothered to hunt for cables just to suit the table setup.


It’s alright for the general user but for me, it pretty much sucks but I have no choice, I still need a KVM that supports audio so that I could maintain my 2 main machines running simultaneously, at least I could do my work no matter what happens to my gaming / review machine.

Bear in mind that the input sockets placed in front will no doubt make it messy. I have my reservations in recommending it. 🙁 Go ahead if you don’t mind the mess and the “intelligence”.

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