Contents Prepared for Busy Times – Do You Have Them?

Contents Prepared for Busy Times - Do You Have Them?

I thought this would be a really good time for an article like this. 🙂

I had a really long week, work occupied my weekdays while I spent the weekend as a photographer covering the wedding of a VERY IMPORTANT friend of mine (Congratulations to Raysonick! Manager and co-founder of the paintball team I’m in.) and also preparing presentation slideshows for the wedding dinner, 2 slideshows with over 400 photos.

I really wish I had contents ready for publication. 🙁

Should You?

Contents Prepared for Busy Times - Do You Have Them? It’s entirely up to you and your intention for your blog. If you’re fine with going MIA for a while, like having extended periods of not having new posts, then it’s fine.

If you have a schedule that you intend to maintain, then perhaps you should consider doing so.

For me, I always try to have additional articles ready to post, call them “BACKUP ARTICLES” if you may. I’m sure many of you still remember my 2-weeks absense last year that lead to the article – 2 Weeks Without New Articles. 🙂

Running Out Of Ammo

This time around, it was unfortunate for me as I’ve used up all of my “backup articles” over previous weeks where I was dead busy with work and event coverage such as the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2008’s Gala Launch.

With so many things to accomplish in my project pipeline, I had no time to prepare any new article either. 🙁 On the other hand, my other blogs such as where there are co-writers, the articles are pretty much ready and all it takes is about 30 minutes for a bit of editing before new articles are published.

Good To Have.

While backup articles aren’t mandatory, it’s always good to have a few just for emergencies. Just spend a day or 2 (like say during weekend?) to prepare masses of articles if you have the luxury of allocating time for it.

Do you like the idea of having “backup articles”? 🙂

How many of you bloggers actually practice this?

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  1. well..i think its a good practice..last time, when i have this whole lot o f ideas..i dun think i going to post it in one shot…good idea to keep it for busy schedule..always leaving my blog when semester come and giving a new post when semester break or holiday comes

  2. Author

    Semester breaks are great for article churning, unlike myself who have to find time slot to update my blog. 🙁

  3. i dont have backup article…
    but i have some draft post which is some blog post i never finish…

  4. Never thought of this 😛

    Might become handy one day.

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