DCIM Show 2009

DCIM Show 2009

Oddly both the events that I attended in the past 2 days have “2009” as part of the event name, and both events are totally unrelated.

DCIM Show 2009 is really a highly anticipated event I must say, with many people arranging get-together sessions just to be part of the event. Many of whom I know, are actually hoping for bargains for purchase of photography equipment. From my side of the coin, I’m more inclined towards their seminars more than anything else, so there I was, attending the first seminar for the 3-day event.

BUT before we proceed any further, a little info on what is DCIM…..

What is DCIM Show 2009

The Digital Camera, Imaging and Media Show 2009 (DCIM Show 2009) aims to bring together the various components that make up the photography and imaging industry in Malaysia i.e. manufacturers, vendors, retailers, labs and more importantly, the hobbyists and professionals.

Organised by Velocity Media Sdn Bhd (Velocity Media), publisher of Malaysia’s premier digital photography magazine – Digital Camera Magazine – the event will showcase the latest innovations and products in the world of photography. Velocity Media also publishes the top lifestyle-gadget magazine T3 Malaysia, the foremost gaming magazine PC Gamer Malaysia and the authoritative IT magazine Max IT.

DCIM Show 2009 will cover the entire spectrum of photography and its related gears and applications – Digital SLR cameras, lenses, camera kits and equipments, software, output i.e. printing solutions and other photography and imaging-related products and services.

Timed and planned to run right after one of the world’s most highly anticipated photography event, Photo Marketing Association International (PMA), DCIM Show 2009 will enable Malaysians to view, experience and purchase the latest devices and innovations in digital photography and imaging of 2009!

A series of seminars and workshops featuring some of the most well-known and respected photography experts are also penned in to benefit hobbyists and amateurs in the field of photography.

On top of that, the Velocity Angel Search (fashion and lifestyle modelling competition) will also be held to add glitz and glamour to the event.

The main objective of DCIM Show is to be recognised as the foremost photography and imaging event in the region, placing Malaysia in the world map of photography.


Click here to view the event schedule.

My Thoughts

I must say that the event was a great initiative from Velocity Media. It was a first for them and indeed it surely had plenty of room for improvement.

The event was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

DCIM Show 2009

DCIM Show 2009

I must say that I’m really surprised at how small was the event venue. Not that I’m complaining, at least I don’t kill my feet walking around. I’m not expecting something CommunicAsia or CeBIT kind of BIG but I suppose the venue could’ve been bigger to accommodate the crowd.

Here’s the Friday late-afternoon crowd at the busiest corner (I think) – the photo was taken around 4pm. And yeah, bear in mind that most people are still at work and even so the venue was rather packed already.

DCIM Show 2009

Many kiosks like those selling bags and such were cramped like silly. The biggest kiosks in the exhibition hall were from the 2 big brands Canon and Nikon, both showcasing their latest gears, both had huge SLR bodies and huge lenses mounted and all.

Amazingly the venue also had an area for food and beverages – I thought that it was funny to have food within the venue but nevertheless I do appreciate Velocity Media for being considerate – especially if the ladies decide to gossip when the men are out on gear-molestation spree. 🙂 Or in case you ever do get tired walking around (over a small venue?) then just grab a seat.

DCIM Show 2009

As what I’ve mentioned earlier – I was interested in the seminars and so I did, the very first seminar was at 4pm on opening day. The seminar was about “Digital Photography as Contemporary Art”, presented by Alex Moh who is a reputable photographer in Malaysia.

DCIM Show 2009

Small room huh? I was disappointed on this part of the DCIM Show 2009. The photo above was taken at the end of the seminar where quite a number of people have left the place. I was amazed by the total lack of space for a seminar, I’m sure many would’ve benefit from these seminars but such a small room would’ve left many disappointed. I couldn’t imagine the seminar crowd for Saturday and Sunday.

I was one of them who had stood at the wall throughout Alex’s 45 minutes of presentation. The place doesn’t feel like it was well ventilated either. 🙁

Another thing was that while we were requested to register before entering the seminar, I later found out that no one even checked who registered and entered the place. Phuh, and I thought it could be that they’re limited attendees. People were just going in and out, and from what I counted, there were only 40 seats. 20 on the left, 20 on the right.

🙁 For the past 2 weeks, I had planned to allocated my weekend to attend all the seminar but after the first seminar, seeing how cramped was the space and how I’m very likely to be sardined on the upcoming days, I aborted my mission and decided to spend time in my lab preparing more articles.

*I would like to apologize to all my friends who were looking forward (or not) to meet me at the gathering. I hope you guys had a good time.*

Do does that mean you shouldn’t go? I would say it depends. If you’re looking for bargain in bags and accessories like memory cards or the likes, then you could give it a shot, not many choices here to begin with.

If you’re into shooting lovely ladies at the Velocity Angels Search event then go ahead as well, just remember that the crowd is very likely to be crazy and it’ll be good if you could bring a ladder and a long focal length lens.

You know la the Malaysian photographer crowd. The male gender holds majority of the pie and where there are girls, there will be photographers. Here’s the Nikon Creative Lighting Studio kiosk, perhaps one of the most crowded area at the exhibition hall.

DCIM Show 2009

You could also take the opportunity to try out new things but take note that there’s only Nikon and Canon. Sony, Pentax and Olympus weren’t even there. 🙁 I did saw Panasonic and their G1 camera.

For me, I wasn’t bargain hunting so it wasn’t a let-down to me on that aspect. I’m just disappointed at the small seminar room that doesn’t make it appealing to visit anymore, I just don’t wish to put myself in the midst of the crazy crowd. If the event is going with a tagline like “Experience a Picture-Perfect Extravaganza!” then logically (and sensibly) speaking a 40-seater seminar room is just plain wrong.

*Again, I apologize to all my online friends who I mentioned that I intend to go for all 3 days of seminar.*

Countless others I met express their disappointment on the lack of bargains. I guess many of us thought it’s going to be like KLPF08.

So, did you attend DCIM Show 2009? What’s your side of the story like?

By the way, here’s a panoramic view of the exhibition hall……… or at least part of it. 🙂 Do click to view it at a larger resolution. The photo was taken from Canon’s double-story kiosk.

DCIM Show 2009

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  1. I was there on Friday mid morning. Like others, I was expecting some good bargains but there weren’t many to begin with. And yes, the hall was a lil too small and the layout was below par (note : the floors).

  2. Author

    Yeah everyone expecting lens bargain. I guess KLPF already set a benchmark.

  3. Hi there Goldfries… I’m friend of viking hav seen you here n there in lowyat forum but i’m still quite new 🙂

    went to DCIM sat and sunday afternoon till evening to hang out with friends and some photoshooting… well the overall event was not up to our expectation. however it’s still a good try for first timer 🙂

    felt so small with my 1000D kit lens there hahahahaha.. >.<

    neway, nice blog you have here… very nice and pro lookin. Cool.^^

  4. Author


    I went on Sunday too! later I update the article on my findings.

  5. man , pentax did not join for dcim due to their internal problem.
    recently i think you cant even see them, i mean their dslr in the market and they actualty do not have any distributors in malaysia.
    i been there for 3 days, their stage’s background and lighting was very week.

  6. Author

    🙁 Pentax quiet down a lot. Well, they’re never aggressive to begin with.

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