SonicGear Pandora Mini Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Review

The Pandora Mini is part of the Pandora range of speakers from SonicGear with Bluetooth connectivity, just like the Pandora 3 reviewed just last month.

SonicGear Pandora Mini Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Review

Unlike the Pandora 3, the Pandora Mini is much smaller in size. To give you an idea how small it is, it’s about 1/8 the size of the Pandora 3 but weighs quite similar.

SonicGear Pandora Mini Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Review

The Pandora Mini rubberized all over, except for the speaker grill and the back portion.

SonicGear Pandora Mini Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Review

The Pandora Mini allows both AUX and Bluetooth input for audio signals, and it comes with a rechargeable but non-removable 1800mAh battery pack. The 1800mAh also allows the Pandora Mini to function as a battery pack. In other words, you could keep the speaker connected to a charger and charge your mobile devices at the same time.

SonicGear Pandora Mini Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Review

The black strip you see in the picture is the cut-away for the woofer, the cut-away gap goes all the way from the front to the back.

More details of the product available at the official product page.

User Experience

The rubberize finish makes the speaker nice to hold but my concern is that in Malaysian weather (or any country with hot climate), the rubberized finish might end up being sticky.

That aside, the rubberized finish also acts as a dampening mechanism, allowing you to place it practically any way you like.

The buttons are placed on top, they’re not tough to press but they do give a loud CLICK upon press. The front of the speaker has a blue LED on top (hidden in the speaker grill) that indicates Bluetooth signal is available.

Performance wise the speaker is loud and just like the Pandora 3, it covers a good range of tones but being a small and portable speaker, don’t expect it to rival your favorite speaker systems. 🙂 I tested it at the loudest setting for playback and it’s still loud despite covering a pile of clothes over it, I can’t cover it totally as I was streaming via Bluetooth connection.

With the 1800mAh battery the speaker went on and on for hours, my endurance was truly put to the test in this review. 🙁 There’s a button at the back with an indicator LED to check battery levels but unfortunately the manual doesn’t tell HOW does one understand the indicator.

The Verdict

The Pandora Mini is priced at around RM 280 and it performs similarly to the Pandora 3 that costs about half of it and almost 8 times bigger in size. It does not have bass level adjustment like the Pandora 3 but it wins hands down when it comes to portability as it has a 1800mAh battery pack that allows you playback on the go, and it also doubles as a battery pack.

The Pandora Mini comes in 5 colors, Black, Grey, Pink, Green and Blue.

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