Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

The Pulse-R is part of Cooler Master’s CMStorm series’ affordable gaming headset range.

Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

The key feature of the headset is the aluminum finish, making it part of Aluminim Gaming Series product line-up.

The headset comes with a controller that allows ON/OFF of the microphone and also a uniquely designed slide volume adjustment. The slider is the piece with the CMStorm name on.

Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

The Pulse-R also comes with a microphone and what’s neat about this microphone is that it’s bendable.

Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

More details at the official product page.

User Experience

The ear pieces are movable, making the noise cancellation very effective while being comfortable to the ears. Sound quality was good, I tested not just games but instrumental audio and the tones are covered well.

The Pulse-R does not come with DSP on the controller like those found on other brands, so positioning and audio output frequency is much dependent on the sound system you’re using.

The cable is a little messy as part of the connection cable is to be placed on the USB port, interestingly it’s just to light up the ear piece with while LED. ­čśŤ Vanity feature perhaps?

I think the beauty of the Pulse-R is the customizable aluminum piece, it’s removable and you can mode it any way you like – think air brush, stickers, perhaps even custom cutting or drilling of your insignia if you’re up to task.

The Verdict

The Pulse-R is certainly an interesting headset, it retails at about RM 330, and it performs very well in the audio department, comes with a cool looking LED (subjective, you can keep it disabled but not connecting the USB connector) and allows customization.

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