SonicGear Pandora 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

SonicGear’s Pandora 3 seems like a simple speaker and I wasn’t expecting much from it as from my experience with some Bluetooth pairing speakers, it wasn’t that pleasant experience.

Was the Pandora 3 disappointing?

Nope, not at all. In fact I was impressed by it.

The speaker itself is plastic all over with a slightly rough surface. It was neither heavy nor light, I’d reckon it was about 500 – 700 grams in weight. As you can see from the image below, it’s measures just slightly higher than a soda can.

There’s the repeat / forward / previous button on top.

The on/off switch is also the input selector where you choose either Bluetooth or Aux-in via 3.5mm connectors. There’s the bass and treble adjustment dials.

The bottom of the speaker lies the woofer, with soda can at the side for comparison.

Details of the product available at the official product page.

User Experience

Setting up the device is easy, after all it’s a speaker. Going for the Aux-in option was a no-brainer.

As for the Bluetooth connectivity, you should at least be familiar with how Bluetooth connectivity works. The Pandora 3 works like a charm on this aspect. I got it successfully playing via Bluetooth input in my first attempt, no manuals referred to.

I just switched the speaker input to Bluetooth, and then I got my phone to hunt for the Bluetooth signal and got it paired.

The speaker accepted the pairing request automatically and my device’s playback (I’m using HTC One) streams across airwaves with ease. Being many meters away wasn’t a problem either, I only face connection loss after moving around a few walls away. Resuming of the connection was seamless and very quick, even the response time for controls like skip or volume control was immediate as if it was via wired connection.

In audio aspect, the speaker covers a good range of tones. I tried various styles of music, jazz seems fine but rock tunes were the ones I pick up there’s a lack in the bass. Sure there’s the bass but it just lacks the richness of a full fledged speaker system, however for a speaker as such it’s actually pretty good.

Just a background of my audio preference – I would rank myself between the average person and an audiophile (more towards audiophile) and I can be very picky on my audio system; and I will spend time to fine tune my audio systems to my preference and will not sleep until I got it tuned to perfection.

The Verdict

The Pandora 3 retails at around RM 150 and it is a very solid performer for a single-piece speaker setup. It covers good audio range that comes pretty close to those 2.1 speakers of similar price range. The size isn’t small but it is portable and its output capacity is loud enough for entertaining a room of guests.

If you’re an audiophile, there’s no reason for you to look at this one for your entertainment but for the general public, I think the Pandora 3 is certainly a good speaker to consider. The Bluetooth connectivity was easy so you could set the speaker on one side of the room while controlling it from another with no issues.

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