I placed my Cooler Master V850 which is a Full-Modular PSU into the unit, even with my limited amount of cables the bottom area the cables still take up a lot of space at the bottom area so do expect the much hailed vertical airflow to be below optimal, it can be improved with some cables tied. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the amazing airflow from the fans below.

SilverStone RVX01 Desktop Casing Review

As for GPU, here’s what the PowerColor R9 390 8GB graphics card looks like when placed. It took me some effort to angle it correctly for the fit, a graphics card will likely to not fit into the RVX01 if it’s any longer or wider.

The user manual did mention about blower type (aka reference cooler) graphics card being best suited for the setup.

SilverStone RVX01 Desktop Casing Review

And remember I mentioned about drive cage and cable management? Here’s how it is with an SSD in it, you can try to pack all the cables around whatever space that’s left.

SilverStone RVX01 Desktop Casing Review

The Verdict

The SilverStone RVX01 Desktop Casing retails at RM 349 which is a lot less than the RV05 that’s priced at RM 500. With the reduce in price you get a more compact space and slightly lower build quality but I feel that the side panels on the RVX01 are better than RV05 as the RV05’s acrylic piece seems rather loose.

I like the RVX01 for being lighter weight and less bulky, it still works very well for setup that doesn’t use large sized components. What I’m most interested about the RVX01 is that it has good potential to be modded, I’m already thinking to giving it a new color scheme!

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Here’s what my RVX01 setup looks like.

SilverStone RVX01 Desktop Casing Review

– AMD Athlon X4 840
– ASUS A88X-Pro (Review link)
– 2x 4GB AVEXIR Core Blitz DDR3 1600Mhz
– AMD Wraith Cooler (Review link)
– PowerColor PCS R9 390 8GB (Review ink)
– Cooler Master V850 PSU (Review link)
– ADATA XPG SX930 SSD (Review link)

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