OtterBox Defender Series Smartphone Protection Review

I call it the Ironman Suit for my HTC One.


With the Defender on, my HTC One went from a sleek and slim phone to a bulky tank. 🙁

On the bright side, the phone is now spared from heart aching scratches and scars. That’s not to say that I’m a rough user but despite the best of our care, it’s not uncommon to see those ‘how did it get there!?!?!’ scratch(es).


With the OtterBox defender – every other button other than the lock button is covered. I do wish that the lock button is given the same protection as well but I guess it’s a matter of give and take. Being uncovered means it’s a bit easier to reach it though somehow I found it otherwise.

For the case of HTC One’s case – the front cover has 2 openings to cater for the speakers. This is not the case for other phones where the speakers are at the back. The openings end up being the point where dust enters the area between the screen and the protection, so one is expected to open it once in a while for cleaning purpose.

Here’s a video about the OtterBox Defender.

More details at the official product page.

The Verdict

The cover costs nearly RM 200 and it comes with a variety of colors. You can get the OtterBox protective case at RadioShack outlets.

Is it worth it? Oh yes it is. You just have to live with a much larger sized phone.

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