The Power of The Internet To Your Aid

A month ago I published an article titled The Internet, The Social Networks, and the Political Landscape of Malaysia

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter made it easy to disseminate information, it is also a two-edged sword as what is easily spread isn’t necessarily the truth.

In the same line of thought of how easy it is to disseminate information, Hanzo Autobuzz recently reported of case where the Internet and the power of Social Network was utilized to bring a case to rest, within 24 hours!

*The GC8 here is for illustration purposes only*

The whole tale started on Friday noon when his house in Puncak Jalil was broken in and the thieves drove away Ong’s most prized procession, his blue Subaru Impreza GC8. It was a nightmare no petrol heads can imagine and immediately Ong buzzed his friends and contacts via social media to report his car was stolen. The feeds from Facebook soon spread around like wildfire on Friday evening, alerting his friends, either petrol heads or not, to search and spot his car in any areas they were be. Even Internet forums were not spared, with forum posts from, ZerotoHundred and various car forums to alert this.

For the rest of the story please read Stolen car recovered thanks to the power of the Internet at Hanzo Autobuzz.

The Power of The Internet

The Internet – both the foolish and the wise use it.

While the world isn’t getting any better as days go by, it’s amazing to see how technology in our hands and technology that are not visible to the naked eye, can be used to stop crime in its tracks.

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