Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

I bought this Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive just a few weeks back during some promotion. My photography and work archives for 2008 alone has filled up most of the space on my 320GB hard disk, and it’s also high time I have a portable storage device to handle the data-backup across my network.

The 1TB version was totally sold out so I had to settle for the 750GB.

The Package

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

A simple package where all things are nicely wrapped, placed and safely padded by the cardboard placeholder.

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

The drive, the manual, the cables and adapter. They’re all there, you’re even provided multiple adapter sockets.

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review


Very simple – Plug the power, plug the USB – and that’s it! It works great on both Mac OS and Windows Vista from what I’ve tested. I like how they included the icon so that it has an icon of its own as it appears on Windows.

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

Mac recognized it without a problem, minus the icon.

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

Test Driving It

Transfer started at 6:16PM and completed at 8:50PM. That’s 154 minutes in total, for approximately 170GB worth of data.

Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

Total Time Total Data
154 minutes 170GB
1 minute ~1.1GB
1 second ~0.018GB

So that comes to about 18MB per second. It’s USB 2.0, give it a break. 🙂

Hard disk manufacturers always report hard disk sizes using the 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes method but fact of the matter is that 1 GB is actually equal to 1,073,700,000 bytes, hence you get the reading above. I just simplified it to 170GB based on the 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes equation.


Generally I like the Maxtor Basics External Hard Drive. It’s silent. It’s not hot, much thanks to the plastic enclosure with vents on the side.

I haven’t try dropping it but I don’t think I’ll be doing that unless someone would be kind enough to spare me a unit to do so. 🙂

Strangely I can’t find the product on Maxtor’s website, so I’m inclined to believe it’s a discontinued product. It’s still a nice product nevertheless.

goldfries recommended

26 thoughts on “Maxtor Basics 750GB External Hard Drive Review

  1. more space is always a good thing. 😉 i think you meant 1TB though in the first part, right? 😛

  2. I guess the reliability of a hard disk can only be verified after using it for a period of time…

  3. All other computer parts – wear and tear is pretty impossible to test, unless we’re talking about dropping it to the floor or something. 😛

    Why MAXTOR? because it was the only brand on sale. 😀

  4. im currently using seagate FreeAgentGo 500G…not bad IMO…anyways nice review…didnt know maxtor’s transfer speed was that quick…was skeptical of the brand,hope you can do some review on seagate and WesternDigital products too ^^

  5. Well, the hard disk is the most important part of your PC because it contains all of your data. Unless you regularly backup your data to an internet server/DVD or some other way, it is very crucial to make sure your hard disk is reliable.

    The current issue with Seagate is an example why we should be very careful in buying hard disk.

  6. i will prefer WD My Book.
    The 1TB version is only RM399 yesterday i saw in lowyat.
    damn cheap already.
    just wait for the 2.5″ to go cheaper and more capacity as it dont requires any power supply!

  7. @icy – I have bad experience on some Maxtors but hey, this is external and been quite a while since those nonsense HDD so I thought I’d give it a try. After all there’s offer. 🙂

    @xcen – for me, that’s why I have backup. reliability is hard to be tested, unless there’s a worldwide complaint and all. 🙂 i trust backups, not brands.

    @joshua – ahh, (un)fortunately I don’t need that many backup devices.

  8. How can I reduce access time of tne Maxtor Basics 750 MB because I used it as the main HD. I have often to wait wnn I want to copie the document on the HD because motor dont turn!
    Thanks for giving me some instruction.

  9. My Maxtor Basics 750GB external HDD dropped a few days ago and now I can see only the folders but Im not able to copy files. Also it’s not possible to format it. Im looking for a method to recover my data. Thanks for giving me some instruction.

  10. hey i have got a 1TB externak HDD of the same model..Dont kno the reason but from two days the icon has suddenly started appearing like some windows folder 🙁 How do i get the normal maxtor icon back?? Plz help..

  11. I got the 1tb version. Lasted about a year of being plugged into a PC that’s only offed for an hour every month. Worst thing was I transfered everything from a failing drive I had into it, just to watch it fail 1 year later.

  12. Hi Friends,

    I have a Maxtor Basics 750 GB External HDD, which is about 1 year + old. When I power it on, and connect it to USB in laptop, the LED glows, but the drive is not detected neither in My Computer nor in Disk Management option.


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