The Overrated Google PageRank

The Overrated Google PageRank

Google PageRank, such words either mean something to you or mean nothing.

While the general public doesn’t even care, and mostly don’t even know about Google’s PageRank – there’s ONE group of people who are almost always obsessed with PageRank and they are the blogger community.

What Is Google PageRank?

In my own words, I’ll call it Google’s algorithm of gauging a site’s popularity. While some say it has to do with topic and relevance, I think it doesn’t, simply because I think content is not something gauged by automated scripts.

So why do I call it popularity? Simple, PageRank is ultimately depending mostly on the quantity and quality incoming links. So you could actually have a crappy site but rather interesting (even in a bad way) content that as long as people keep linking to you, it could go somewhere.

Anyway, there’s no better place to find out more about Google PageRank than the report done by Smashing Magazine.

Bloggers and Google PageRank

2 things come to mind when it comes to Bloggers and their blog’s PageRank.

Bragging Rights a.k.a E-penis

Yes, it’s a way to show off. It’s a FEEL GOOD thing to know that you have PageRank 4 while your friends and competitors are just having PageRank 2. It shows you’re getting more links.

Potential To Make More Money

The Overrated Google PageRank I’m not going to name any agencies here but PageRank (ok, I’ll call it PR from here on) does help when it comes to making money. Why? And how? Simple, if you have a page or site with a decent PR, then a link from your site would be of higher contributing value. Confused? Put it this way, the usually buyers of such LINKS are either bloggers or people who have some form of interest in PageRank, meaning that if you have a better PR page linking to them, then they’re going to get more PR contributing boost to reach the next level PR.

Obsession Is Never Good

It’s funny that every time Google’s PageRank updates occur, it’s always the blogger community that ends up in a fuss. There are those who gleefully tell all others in forums and their own blog about their PR increase. There are those who lament that their PR has not increased (and believe me, many of them will keep checking and checking in hopes there’s an update to come with that increase).

Of course, there are those who go into a state of panic, frenzy or depression for their PR drop while the rest of the world just move on because they either don’t know about PR at all, or they know that………

There Are More Important Things To A Website

Yes, there are more important things to a website. So quit thinking so much about PR, focus on making good article. 🙂 Let’s not forget the importance of traffic.

Fact of the matter is no one actually bothers about PageRank. The only other people who know your PageRank are other blogger who happen to be at your site while the general visitors of just come to read what you have to offer.

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  1. I’ve gotta agree with you on the bragging and money making thingy. After reading the comments (in one of the forums), they can go on for days about PR. And mostly, the ones that are obsess with PR will have lots of adverts in their blogs. The trend now, I guess, the sole purpose of starting a blog is to earn money…

  2. Like this post a lot. I personally found out that there’s nothing to do with high pagerank. So, just focus what I wanna blog. Basically, to share my thoughts.

  3. Author

    @chong – yes, the ones obsessed with PR do have a lot of ads, and usually the ads also rely on PR for higher pay. for example, PayPerPost writers.

    @ahmike – 😀 just do your best. PR is PR. it’s a ‘shiok sendiri’ thing for the most part.

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