ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) Android Smartphone Review


Starting off, I will be comparing the ZenFone 2 to the PadFone S.

ASUS ZenFone 2 vs ASUS PadFone S


It’s quite interesting to see totally different behavior from the phone. The PadFone S exposes the bright area as best as it could while other areas are in pitch darkness while the ZenFone 2 exposes the dark areas to the best it could (and did so quite well) at the expense of having blown highlights.

On to the next image – yes, I made a slight blunder on the composition but fortunately it still shows the difference between the 2 camera.


As you can see the ZenFone 2 exposes the image better and it also has better white balance, giving a more natural feel.

For the 3rd picture, what you can see is the exact behavior as seen on the first image comparison. They expose the scene differently, with the ZenFone 2 favoring dark areas while the PadFone S favors bright areas.


With that we pretty much get the idea on how ASUS has improved the camera, based on my experience with the ZenFone 5 and PadFone S the camera on the ZenFone 2 is now more responsive and locks focus faster. I’m satisfied with the improvements.

Imaging : Field of View, Color and Exposure

In this section I will compare the camera on the ASUS ZenFone 2 to that of the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S6.

What you’ll see is that the camera on Samsung Galaxy S6 is better in terms of
– Field of View (how wide the image is)
– Exposure
– White Balance / Color

For the first image I used the line on the left (hotel balcony) as the starting point of comparison. From there you’ll see that the ZenFone 2 camera’s field of view is not as wide as the Galaxy S6’s camera and it doesn’t cover additional floors, pool area and buildings on the right.

Exposure wise you’ll notice that you’ll notice that the Galaxy S6 did a far better job. Observe the chairs at the foyer area, and also the lights a few floors above. Take not also that the trees on the right are better exposed and shows finer detail.

The image from the Galaxy S6 seems saturated but that doesn’t mean it is better, same the ZenFone 2’s image seems dull or washed out but it doesn’t mean it’s bad either. I’ll talk more about this on the next image.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.

In the second comparison, I used the wall on the right as a basis and as you can see the camera from Galaxy S6 covers more are. Again the Galaxy S6’s image seems more saturated, the details are better but I prefer the ZenFone 2’s image for this comparison as the color looks more natural.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.

For the 3rd comparison, again we see that the ZenFone 2 doesn’t cover as much area as the Galaxy S6 and exposure wise the Galaxy S6 wins hands down without having to resort to any low-light mode. The Galaxy S6 does have AUTO HDR ON / OFF but from my experience, it exposes very well even with AUTO HDR turned off.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.

The saturated colors on image from Galaxy S6 also looked better, overall a richer image than what the ZenFone 2 captured.

OK so you might say well that’s night scene, the ZenFone 2 could’ve done better in broad daylight.

Well here’s another comparison. The ZenFone 2 failed so hard on this one. The ZenFone 2’s image looked better in terms of color if you consider points like the blue sky reflected on the building and the RED BOX logo but if you look at the exposure, the KL Tower is totally erased from the image from ZenFone 2 while the building behind Low Yat Plaza practically blended with the sky, and so did parts of Low Yat Plaza (the building with RED BOX). No HDR used in either smartphone so it’s fair game, the ZenFone 2 failed to expose the scene correctly.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.

The ZenFone 2’s camera works fine as long as the exposure isn’t tricky, there’s always the HDR mode to turn to. In the comparison below the saturated colors from the Galaxy S6 does make the image look more natural, and the wider field of view allows a wider scene to be captured.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.

One might have thought that the Galaxy S6 would always produce more saturated colors but this is not the case for the comparison below. I like that the image from ZenFone 2 retained the warmth of the scene, giving it a cozy and comfortable feel. The image from Galaxy S6 shows that it reduced the exposure and neutralized the warm lights, making the image less appealing.

Mouse-over the image to see comparison.


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