Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review
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Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Red Alert 3 again? Red Alert 3 : Uprising features a host of new units, a bunch of new missions, new maps and even a new game style besides campaign and skirmish mode.

The Story

Basically more campaigns – with a short story for Yuriko. 🙂 Yes, I feel lazy to elaborate. Each of the faction has a set extended storyline, continuing from the original Red Alert 3.


While the game cover seems to look like a fully Yuriko oriented game, fact of the matter is that Yuriko related campaign is only about 1/4 of what’s available in campaigns.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The campaigns are short, around 3 – 4 missions depending on faction but each mission isn’t short. And the missions could be REALLY TOUGH…… ok well I played HARD mode for all the missions and it’s tough and in some cases, near impossible if you are a newbie or lack the experience of a seasoned RTS gamer.

In Yuriko campaign, it’s no longer an RTS but pretty much like an arcade style game. Closest I could think of right now is Space Siege that I reviewed recently. The only difference is Yuriko’s campaign in RA3 is so much worthy of a game that Space Siege.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

It’s very straight forward, move her around and use her skills on all that come her way. Seems easy but it’s not.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

My favourite part of Uprising has to be the Challenge mode.

You start off with all 3 factions ready for your picking. This means that for each mission, you get to choose which faction you intend to use to complete the game.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The catch is that each faction starts with a limited range of units available to you and each mission accomplished will unlock a new unit, and also a bunch of new challenges. It gets tricky, because quite often you don’t have that particular unit you love to assign for the job, for example Allied Vindicator for bombing runs. 🙁 So choose one that suits you best. It’s really fun and in most of the missions you’re up against a few generals.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Put it simple, it’s like playing skirmish but with objective in place and limited units.

Graphics and Sound

It’s just exactly like Red Alert 3. I decline to elaborate further.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The usual videos, this time you get more short-skirt view of Genma. 😀

What about the new units? They make the game even more fun! I’d say the new units pretty much balances the game.

Network / Online Gaming

No online gaming! WTH!?!?!? How is this even possible? Just when the Empire of the Rising Sun finally has the Steel Ronin and the Archer Maiden! 🙁

Skirmish with a bunch of whole new map was totally awesome but to not have Online gaming option with Uprising is a huge sin! BAD EA!!! BAD!!!


If RA3 was good, Uprising is even better! I would’ve given the game full marks if they had not removed the Network / Online gaming part.

It’s so disappointing, now the Empire has to go back to air defence with Mecha Tengu and Striker VX again.


Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

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  1. Command & Conquer RA 3 was a disappointment for me, Cartoon characters, Childish jokes and a less than appropriate story line made me wonder if its expansion would be just the same. But to give credit to the developers the second edition of RA3 is a hell of a lot better.

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