Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review
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Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Red Alert 3 again? Red Alert 3 : Uprising features a host of new units, a bunch of new missions, new maps and even a new game style besides campaign and skirmish mode.

The Story

Basically more campaigns – with a short story for Yuriko. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I feel lazy to elaborate. Each of the faction has a set extended storyline, continuing from the original Red Alert 3.


While the game cover seems to look like a fully Yuriko oriented game, fact of the matter is that Yuriko related campaign is only about 1/4 of what’s available in campaigns.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The campaigns are short, around 3 – 4 missions depending on faction but each mission isn’t short. And the missions could be REALLY TOUGH…… ok well I played HARD mode for all the missions and it’s tough and in some cases, near impossible if you are a newbie or lack the experience of a seasoned RTS gamer.

In Yuriko campaign, it’s no longer an RTS but pretty much like an arcade style game. Closest I could think of right now is Space Siege that I reviewed recently. The only difference is Yuriko’s campaign in RA3 is so much worthy of a game that Space Siege.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

It’s very straight forward, move her around and use her skills on all that come her way. Seems easy but it’s not.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

My favourite part of Uprising has to be the Challenge mode.

You start off with all 3 factions ready for your picking. This means that for each mission, you get to choose which faction you intend to use to complete the game.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The catch is that each faction starts with a limited range of units available to you and each mission accomplished will unlock a new unit, and also a bunch of new challenges. It gets tricky, because quite often you don’t have that particular unit you love to assign for the job, for example Allied Vindicator for bombing runs. ๐Ÿ™ So choose one that suits you best. It’s really fun and in most of the missions you’re up against a few generals.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

Put it simple, it’s like playing skirmish but with objective in place and limited units.

Graphics and Sound

It’s just exactly like Red Alert 3. I decline to elaborate further.

Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

The usual videos, this time you get more short-skirt view of Genma. ๐Ÿ˜€

What about the new units? They make the game even more fun! I’d say the new units pretty much balances the game.

Network / Online Gaming

No online gaming! WTH!?!?!? How is this even possible? Just when the Empire of the Rising Sun finally has the Steel Ronin and the Archer Maiden! ๐Ÿ™

Skirmish with a bunch of whole new map was totally awesome but to not have Online gaming option with Uprising is a huge sin! BAD EA!!! BAD!!!


If RA3 was good, Uprising is even better! I would’ve given the game full marks if they had not removed the Network / Online gaming part.

It’s so disappointing, now the Empire has to go back to air defence with Mecha Tengu and Striker VX again.


Red Alert 3 : Uprising Game Review

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  1. Red Alert is a very addictive game. I play at least 5 hours a day with my friends and cousins.

  2. Red Alert 3 is a very addicting game. I play it from 5pm to 2am. i like the graphics and the unit weaponry.

  3. Red Alert 3 is one of the most addicting games that i have ever played. I like the units of the Russians particularly the Yuri guy he he.

  4. Command & Conquer RA 3 was a disappointment for me, Cartoon characters, Childish jokes and a less than appropriate story line made me wonder if its expansion would be just the same. But to give credit to the developers the second edition of RA3 is a hell of a lot better.

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