My Intel Core i5-750 Experience

My Intel Core i5-750 Experience

I’m here to share my experience with the Core i5 processor. 😀 Should you get the Core i5-750? Yes? No? Maybe? I hope this article will help you decide.

Not A Review

The one I have with me is an Engineering Sample so I’ve decided not to call it a REVIEW since it’s not a production unit. Here, have a look at my CPU-Z validation

It doesn’t come with a stock heatsink unit either, so there’s no way for me to tell you how is the temperature like with the stock heatsink. 🙂 Nevertheless the article should (I hope) hold some information useful to you.

Test Setup

For this article, I’ll be comparing the Core i5-750 against the Xeon 3320.

First up, the Core i5-750 setup.

Processor Intel Core i5-750
RAM OCZ 1066mhz 4GB Dual-Channel Kit
Motherboard MSI P55-GD65
Cooler Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Power Supply Gigabyte Odin GT 550w
Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit

And the contender, the Xeon 3320 setup.

Processor Intel Xeon X3320
RAM Kingston HyperX 4GB Dual-channel Kit
Motherboard Jetway X-Blue P45
Cooler Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Power Supply Gigabyte Odin GT 550w
Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit


Here are the results of the benchmarks I’ve thrown at both processors.

i5-750 is at 2.66ghz
i5-750 OC is as 4.26ghz.
Xeon 3320 is at 2.5ghz
Xeon 3320 OC is at 3ghz.

Super PI 1.5 Mod

The value chosen for Super PI was 1M.

i5-750 i5-750 OC X3320 X3320 OC
15.975 10.623 20.171 17.056
* Lower the better


Processor i5-750 i5-750 OC X3320 X3320 OC
Rendering (Single CPU) 2984 4628 2697 3250
Rendering (Multiple CPU) 10688 14955 9454 11330

PCMark Vantage

i5-750 i5-750 OC X3320 X3320 OC
5094 6440 4949 5457
* Higher the better

Fritz Chess Benchmark

Processor i5-750 i5-750 OC X3320 X3320 OC
Relative Speed 16.28 22.34 14.54 17.25
Kilo Nodes/second 7812 10722 6977 8280

SiSoft SANDRA Lite

Processor i5-750 i5-750 OC X3320 X3320 OC
Aggregate Arithmetic 46.74 GOPS 65.65 GOPS 39.28 GOPS 47.74 GOPS
Dhrystone ALU 59.82 GIPS 83.5 GIPS 41.88 GIPS 51.36 GIPS
Whetstone iSSE3 33.65 GFLOPS 47.84 GFLOPS 36.69 GFLOPS 44.13 GFLOPS
Aggregate Multi-Media 77.38MPixel/s 108.2MPixel/s 71.31MPixel/s 86.73MPixel/s
Multi-Media Int 95.55MPixel/s 133.4MPixel/s 71.31MPixel/s 111.4MPixel/s
Multi-Media Float 59.21MPixel/s 83MPixel/s 50MPixel/s 62MPixel/s
Multi-Media Double 30.32MPixel/s 42.32MPixel/s 26.18MPixel/s 31.47MPixel/s

Operating Temperature

Thermally the processor idles at around 35°C – that also with the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme cooler and in an air-conditioned environment. On load, the card could go well over 80°C – it’s a hot processor indeed, considering the max TDP for the processor is 95W on stock. Reference.

On overclock, the power consumption for the processor alone goes beyond 100w – that also translates into more heat.

Concluding Thoughts

Core i5-750 vs Xeon 3320 on stock, they felt the same. Sure, you see the numbers are different from the benchmarks but in reality, you can’t feel a thing. The overclocked Xeon 3320 seems to be faster than the i5-750 in almost all of the tests above while the stock Xeon 3320 (it’s 2.5ghz) isn’t far being the i5-750 either.

Cost-wise, a Core i5-750 + cheapest P55 board + 4GB DDR3 RAM still costs a lot more than a Xeon 3320 (or equivalent processor) + cheapest P45 board + 4GB DDR2 RAM. Ok, so the Xeon 3320 would be a little hard to find. Let’s take the Core 2 Quad Q8400 for price comparison sake. it’s 2.66ghz, so it’s faster than Xeon 3320 on stock and would certainly be closer to the i5-750 overall.

The cheapest Core i5-750 combo would be around RM 1450, that’s RM 700 for the processor, ~RM 400 for the motherboard and ~RM 350 for 4GB of DDR3 RAM.
The cheapest Core 2 Quad combo would be only around RM 1100, that’s RM 600 for the processor, ~RM 180 for the motherboard and ~RM 300 for DDR2 RAM.

Should you get the Core i5-750?

Here’s what I think………..

If you already have an existing LGA775 quad-core setup, then jumping to the Core i5 setup would cost you a bomb but the performance gained could be little to even none, depending on what processor you already have. However if you intend to overclock, well I think that’ll make the upgrade worth it. 😀

If you already have an existing LGA775 dual-core setup and thought of going quad-core, there’s 2 ways to go about it. The cost effective way is just to get an LGA775 quad-core (or the even more cost-effective AMD quad-core). The non-cost effective way is of course, to jump to the Core i5.

🙂 The Core i5 is based on the LGA1156 socket, it’s basically running on Intel’s new architecture and the LGA1156 would also be able to support LGA1156 Core i7 processors if you need more power.

If you have nothing at the moment and thought of buying a computer with quad-core setup – it’s a no brainer, Core i5 it is! What you get is system using the latest technology. 🙂 If cost is an issue, then yeah lah you know what to look for already la. LGA775 setup…. or heck, look at the AMD setups instead, they provide more value for $$$ than the Intel LGA775 quad-core setups.

If you have nothing at the moment and thought of buying a computer with no quad-core requirement – get yourself a dual-core setup. 🙂 AMD or Intel, they’re both good. 😀

If you’re into overclocking – the i5-750 is awesome! Paired with a decent P55 motherboard and you’ll reach 3.6ghz easily.

Did I miss anything? Do share your thoughts about the Intel Core i5 setup. 🙂

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  1. hmm.. thanks for the preview. at least I had some sort of realistic view. at first Think of getting an i5/i7 in near future. but based from your preview, I do had doubt bout it tho. Perhaps I should just stick with Q9000 series or AMD Quad. cost effective.
    Even with my dualies, I rarely fully Utilise them.

  2. I just recently upgraded to Q6600 and also OCed it up to 3GHz. After looking at your “review”, I feel a bit relaxed since my cpu performance is still quite fast. Should be able to last a few more years then.

    I was wondering though…why isn’t there a game benchmark to test the bottleneck?

  3. how u oc x3320 to 3ghz? i can only oc to 2.8ghz (multiplier is 7.5)

  4. hi..nice review here… most of the reviews that i have read, core i5 750 is easily reach 4.0ghz on air-cooling. my question is, is it necessary to have higher speed rams (eg ddr3 1600Mhz) in order to reach above 4.0Ghz, or 1333Mhz DDR3 is already enough to get the same result as the higher speed ram… Do enlighten me please… sorry for silly question, beginner here….

    ps: what kind of ram do u use in this test? ddr2 or ddr3? if ddr2, can it use on p55 system?

  5. I bought HP computer with i5 750 core (e9260f). I noticed that the CPU is louder than previous models.

    Is there a computer I can buy with low niose?

    thank you.


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