Nuffnang vs Advertlets – Part 1

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

I couldn’t think of a better name for this series of article that compares 2 of our biggest local blog-advertising agencies.

A Brief Introduction

This is not a PAID review (a.k.a. Advertorial) where I write about them and get paid RM 10 for it.

As stated in the title in a bleeding obvious manner, our contenders are Nuffnang and Advertlets. I believe these 2 are the biggest and most commonly heard blog advertising agencies in the Malaysian (and Asian) blogosphere.

I’ll skip the boring details about the founding history of these 2 contenders and get to the juicy part as soon as I can.

By the way, Nuffnang tagline is “Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community” while Advertlets’ is “Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’ but on their logo it says “advertisers + bloggers = money + happy”.

Why Write About Them?

Why bother writing about them? Very simple, I’m a user of both and I’ve met many users from both camps.

Being in charge of the Blogmasters & Webmasters section over at forum, it’s a common scene to have people asking on which of these 2 being the better. In fact we have a forum thread that spans 90 pages (at the time of this article) just talking about them.

So I guess you can see by now how many questions and replies go about these 2 companies, most often people would like to know how good they are in helping in monetization. While monetization is the thing that most people are concerned of, I’m going to cover MORE than just the monetization part.

As I mentioned before, I’m a user of both camps and I’ve been with them for nearly a year now and I believe my experience with them and my write-up holds much more significance than people who used them like 2 weeks, got RM 1.28 and start to write a PAID article on how good they are in hoping to receive RM 10 for that article. 🙂

No sir, no madam, no shoe-polishing service here. I think even before we reach the end of this series, you’ll already know the outcome – as seen on my site, I’m using Nuffnang.

Just to share, I have so far earned less than RM 20 from Nuffnang while I’ve earned more than RM 600 from Advertlets already – but why did I choose Nuffnang? I’ll be covering these aspects in my Nuffnang vs Advertlets series so make sure you keep reading until the series ends.

Let us begin with our comparison. I’ll skip the registration part, like it or not you have to go through it and it’s not something that I find time worth talking about.

Comparison #1 : Adding Your Blog


Adding a blog in Nuffnang is tedious. Frankly speaking, I hate it a lot. It requires you to answer nearly 20 questions. I mean really Nuffnang, do I really have to “Tell us about yourself..” each time I add a new blog? It doesn’t make sense.

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

And “Now tell us about your readers..”, it’s like WTH!??! It’s a new blog, how would anyone know their reader? Even blogs who are around for quite a while and with huge user base could quite often not know it. I’m sure this part is pretty pointless as most people would’ve just given whatever answer based on options available just to get it over with.


Advertlets on the other hand hangs on the other side of the extreme. It’s extremely easy, just add the blog URL to the Add Blog section and voila!

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

It’s extremely easy but as you can see in the picture below, the system doesn’t even check for duplicate entries or even invalid URL format! It’s good to be simple but it’s damn ridiculous! At least Nuffnang’s system requires you to enter the blog name and a proper URL!

Summary for Comparison #1 : Adding Your Blog

Nuffnang’s blog adding process is tedious. I hate it, but on the flipside of the coin, it could be seen as Nuffnang wanting to know more so they could actually serve ads better to blogs that suit the client requirement.

I love the simplicity of Advertlets’ blog adding process but the lack of even simple checking shows quite a lot of lack in how their thing was run. Is it even serious?

Updated 20th July 2008 – Another thing to note, Nuffnang’s system requires you to enter your password before it allows you to remove your blog from the list of blogs! That’s way cool, meaning if someone wishes to do something mean to you in case you forgot to log off from some place – they can’t! Same can’t be said for Advertlets though, removing the blog was just as easy as adding.

Coming Up Next

In my upcoming article in this series, I will be covering the Ad Types. 🙂

As for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do share your thoughts on the matter I’ve highlighted, I’m sure both Nuffnang and Advertlets (whether you support or are against them) will both appreciate your feedback and improve.

Don’t forget, this blog is NOT moderated by Nuffnang nor Advertlets, so speak it out!

Let’s not forget that by posting comments, you stand a chance to be a winner in the contest!

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Nuffnang vs Advertlets

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22 thoughts on “Nuffnang vs Advertlets – Part 1

  1. 1st of all, yes! it’s very tedious when you are adding in your blog for the first time in Nuffnang. but then again, you have noticed it as well. The process of categorizing your blog and giving Nuffnang an idea what’s your and reader are all about, it’s easier for them serve you with better ads.

    say for this blog, if you’ve categorized it as a political or fashion blog, you won’t be getting ads like forever coz when they are filtering for tech blogs, your blog is not in the list. so for many times they might have overlook your blog as a tech blog. so categorizing it correctly will ensure you that you are enjoying the monetizing benefit. 🙂

  2. I think they could trim down the Q&A part a bit though. 😀 Like the “about myself” part shouldn’t need to be filled everytime a new site is added. 🙂

    As for the 2nd part, it could be simplified manner, such as TAGS (as seen Advertlets’) or some options like choose X number of categories that suit your blog. And some questions are really not relevant to new blogs.

    All in all, I think they’re for the good of users but some questions will inevitably force people to give random answers. It kinda hurts the purpose here and there.

  3. I have no comments about advertlets because there are so many comments about advertlets out there, and i already took out all advertlets ads last 2days to get Gliteratti member from Nuffnang.

    I would stick to Nuffnang even the earning is not much like Advertlets. actually Advertlets earning basis is not correct, they pay based on CPM, damn … for huge traffic blog … Josh will bankrupt man … thats why he not afford to pay …

    Nuffnang, pay on CPC and sometimes campaign CPM…that’s a good example… at least Nuffnang won’t bankcrupt haha !!

    Anyway..i still like Nuffnang..because i have heard a lot of payout from Nuffnang out there but Advertlets I decided to stick with Nuffnang ^^

  4. Yeah, signing up with Advertlets is easy as ABC… while NN strives for serving the right ads to the right target, which i think it’s more serious. Nah, i know it’s a bit lengthy but it just take some seconds only.

    But in terms of ad design Advertlets is better, but in terms of accuracy NN wins. However i’m not using both of them now.. i hope they can come up with a more flexible ad customization 😛

  5. i’ll support accuracy over design, in any case bloggers are counting on people clicking on relevant ad as opposed to clicking randomly or accidentally rite?

  6. GoldFries you putting in a contest here? Wah What is the catch? Hope to win haha.Guess not with the amount of comment by me.

    Btw you removed all the advert by advert? I wonder why? So you have the Glittery status?
    How is the income going for you ?

  7. ya, nuffnang is crazy, asking every time i add a blog…
    but now i prefer nuffnang than advertlets… since i think advertlets have some problem in their company, always dont pay or…. many problem lah! i also kena before… he didnt want to pay me coz of click fraud!

  8. i remember this site before this using Advertlets wor… anyway looking forward for the next part of this topic. I prefer Nuffnang and the community there, compare to Advertlets looks so boring… especially Nuffnang events pwnd Advertlets anytime. As for the earning part… i don’t really care much as long as people come and visit my blog i happy ady… but still need to work on my content.

  9. @marx – i believe bloggers want every click possible, accidental or not! 😛 but of course, sincere clicks are best.

    @mark – the contest is just to reward my visitors. 🙂 yes, I removed Advertlets from, you’ll have complete details on WHY when we reach the end of the series. Yes i have Gillerati status but the income is not much at the moment.

    @joshua – hehe. wait til you see the rest of the article.

    @Lun – they pay, but slow. 🙂 this is part of the upcoming articles.

    @kyLL & KKornelius – yes, the event / community part is also part of the upcoming articles!

  10. long time not to singgah here! very good info bro!

    i stick with nuffnang also. at least i have the nuffnang payment already.

  11. It’s a good move actually. I think the PASSWORD thing is more than just for accidents.

    To avoid accidents, even a javascript confirmation will do as it’ll prompt. For password, I believe it’s for cases where let’s say you left your account there and some idiots want to harass you by deleting your blog, then they’re forced to know your password before being able to do so. 🙂

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