The Nokia N-Gage Experience

The Nokia N-Gage Experience

I’m sure you guys remember my article about the Nokia N-Gage Event that I attended somewhere in late May this year.

Guess what happened for the past month?

The Device That Killed Time

Well, just a little over a week after attending the event, a Nokia N81 8GB Multimedia Computer was shipped over to me and thus began my journey of being an N-Gage addict. 🙂

Are you surprised it’s not called a phone? Nokia doesn’t call it a phone because it’s more than that!

The Nokia N-Gage Experience

Before we proceed – a little boring history about me and my endeavour in mobile phone ownership. Firstly – the most expensive phone I ever bought was the Samsung SGH-L760 which I bought for around RM 500, and that was also with a 50% discount given by Samsung. Prior to that, I was using the Sony Ericsson K500i, and earlier it was the Nokia 3310. As you can see I’m not the type that spends chunks of my salary on a mobile phone.

I had only Snake, Space Impact and some puzzle game on the N-3310, no games on the K500i while the SGH-L760 had only 2 games and both were in trial mode. All in all, you could say I was mobile game-less for years.

Mobile Gaming At Last

Thanks to Nokia’s N-Gage service, my mobile gaming needs (more like WANTS) are satisfied. 🙂 I must thank the people who prepared the phone for installing those addictive games, they really do help me pass my time.

Yes yes, I know, Nokia N81 8GB is a multimedia computer but hey, I think the gaming features were cool and I’m really glued on to it. I did show the games to my friend and he did commented that the graphics look nice, and rated it to that of the 1st-generation PlayStation. 🙂 Don’t expect it to be a PSP though.

The Nokia N-Gage Experience

The graphics look great and games like Creatures of the Deep, FIFA 08, Asphalt 3, Block Breaker Deluxe, Space Impact : Kappa Base were really addictive! And just a heads up on what’s coming at, I’ll be reviewing N-Gage games soon!

Life Changing

Life is more interesting now that I have N-Gage, I’ll definitely be playing whenever I’m in a situations that requires me to WAIT. Like waiting for food, waiting for a train, waiting for the train to reach the destination, waiting for a show to start, waiting for friends, relatives, strangers and whatnots, waiting……. waiting……. waiting……. heck I even play it when I can’t sleep or when I don’t feel like getting out of bed.

The Nokia N-Gage Experience

While this article is not a Nokia N81 8GB review, I must say that besides enjoying the N-Gage experience, I’m also enjoying other features available on the phone such music playback (love the sound output), 2MP camera (better camera than all the phones I used so far) and 3G capabilities – for once I can actually access my blog and various other websites without hiccups, unlike what I face with the Samsung SGH-L760.

Anyway back to N-Gage experience with the N81 8GB, I spent most part of my first week with hurting my thumb and recovering, to then hurt it again. It was sooooooooo addictive. So what do I do when one of my thumb hurts? I play with the other thumb! 😀

I managed to control my addiction for the rest of the month but the N-Gage is always something I load when I have nothing better to do.

So, do you own a mobile gaming device? or a multimedia computer that is similar to the N81? Do share your thoughts on whether such devices has changed your lifestyle. 🙂

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  1. Well i own a N73. When i 1st bought it i installed tonnes of games which in the end slowed the phone like hell so i reformated it and just install a few to make time flies. Mostly i used the phone for taking pictures and songs only. For me if i have songs i don’t need games for waiting. XD

  2. I’m using a Nokia N82. The thing is, I have to pay for N-gage…that’s a huge turn off for me

  3. my personal opinion is i’d rather have portable consoles separate from phones etc. if you use the phone to keep playing games then you’ll end up finishing up your battery faster and will have to recharge everytime. even worse if you end up with a low battery while you’re outside. so i’ve got my n73 for camera + phone, mp3 player and an NDSL 😀 besides, i think the NDSL would be much more fun than playing simple phone games.

  4. Author

    For me, I think the games on N-gage are simple but fun. It’s good enough for me, and I don’t like the idea of carrying multiple devices.

    Ideally PSP and NDSL would be great for dedicated portable gaming device. 🙂

    About the battery part, yes it’s annoying. The game can get addictive and it just drains drains drains.

    As to paying for the game, at least you’re not paying the price of a Sony UMD game.

  5. hmmm… fastest solution: carry extra batteries! just like cameras heh? but is this still considered single device then?

  6. Nokia has been infamous for the batteries. Getting better over the years tho.

  7. Absolutely awesome gadget has ever hit the market (least not the worst). But to be honest i’m not a Nokia fan but i do impressed with the presentation of the product.

    Well done.

  8. Why should I buy It if i want to play games 24*7? I should better buy PSP then. And If i don’t want to play games every now and then then I should have something else than this one.I believe a phone can be a better gadget as your personal assistant not for playing some soccer and tetris.It would be a loss if you a loose your call for playing some useless games.

  9. Author

    More importantly you should realize that there’s a gear for everyone, and every purpose. 🙂

    Sure, go PSP or NDS for 24/7 mobile gaming. While others, they could prefer iPhone 3GS. Myself, the Nokia works fine.

    And you probably haven’t played games on a phone before, who said anyone losses a call for playing game? Even if they lost a call, so what? 🙂 Phone track the number, you could always return the call.

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