Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Nokia’s OneConnectedWorld event was held a week ago and it was one huge gathering of media, bloggers, developers and whatever else that fits into the picture.

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Myself? I come as a blogger, media and possible future developer……… I don’t know that’s just what I have in mind (more details later). I am a web developer already but perhaps I should look into applications for the S60 platform.

It was an eye-opener for many things to come from Nokia and their developers.

It was a full-day event, with registration starting at 9.30AM.

The first half of the day were various presentations and panel sessions by Nokia and Industry experts.

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

After lunch were the showcases, Interviews and developers briefing.

I wasn’t the entire day, nevertheless the time I spent there was enough to get me looking forward on what’s coming. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a Nokia user by the way.

Anyway, here are some girl photos – I know some of you need some girlie fix. Here it is. ๐Ÿ™‚ The lovely ladies with the N97 and of course, the OVI name from Nokia.

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Speaking of OVI – there’s certainly more to come from OVI Store

And besides OVI, we also have the showcase of various other applications that are helpful in travel, news feeds (I don’t know why so many booth on news updates. We could just get 1 application that does all that, no?) and there’s this app for FASHION.

Nokia OneConnectedWorld

Ok la, not enough photos? I tell you why – coffee break was short and I was spending my time at the booth I thought most interesting …………….. NO! It’s not related to N97 mini or X6 – you can get those from other sites already. ๐Ÿ™‚

What was it? It was the CRADLE FUND! And a good place to read about it is at ZDnet Asia ๐Ÿ™‚

Nokia announced the partnership with MSC Malaysia and Cradle Fund, at its OneConnectedWorld event here Tuesday.

The Nokia Mobile Content Developer initiative was introduced in conjunction with the recently announced MSC Malaysia Integrated Content Development (ICON) program, which provides training and support for Malaysians to develop online applications. The scheme provides conditional grants of up to 100,000 ringgit (US$28,592) for apps with commercialization potential, with the aim to encourage the development and distribution of innovative online content and services.

Now, should I be developing for the S60 platform? I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it.

What about you guys? I think it’s a great step ahead, especially with the help from the government.

For additional details about the conference, do have a look at the Tweets from the event.

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