Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

The launch of Canon EOS 600D & EOS 1100D was held earlier today at Intercontinental Hotel, KL.

The following are the RRP of the launched products, including the 270EX II and 320EX speedlights. Availability of these products is tentatively scheduled to end of March 2011.

EOS 1100D (18-55mm IS II): RRP RM1,999
EOS 600D (Body): RRP RM2,549
EOS 600D (18-55mm IS II): RRP RM2,999
EOS 600D (18-135mm IS): RRP RM3,688

Speedlight 270EX II: RRP RM549
Speedlight 320EX: RRP RM799

Photos From the Event

Welcome note by Mr Melvyn Ho, President & CEO of Canon marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Products Display – 1100D
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

*no photo of the 600D here, the photos of the guy holding it doesn’t show a 600D work there. It looks like any other Canon camera. I have a video but it’ll take a while to upload. So sorry.

Products Display – 270EX II
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Products Display – 320EX
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Introduction of Canon Ambassador – Penny Tai
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Group Photo
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Press Conference
Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

Launching of Canon EOS 600D & 1100D

First Impressions

Even before 600D a lot of people were considering 550D vs 60D, now with 600D the gap between the classes are even closer. 550D’s RRP was RM 3,113 for the 18-55 IS kit. 600D’s RRP for 18-55 IS II kit is RM 2,999 – so with 600D the price gap widens a little but feature gap narrows quite a lot. You can now buy a Canon DSLR with Vari-angle LCD at a more affordable price.

The plus point for the 600D 18-55 IS kit is that you get the new and improved version of EF-S 18-55 IS (hence the II as indicated). 🙂 Based on what I see so far, the 600D is a 550D + 60D hybrid. You can call it a souped up 550D or a stripped down 60D. Either way it’s still a great camera in my book.

RRP aside, I leave my comment as it is. We’ll wait to see how close are the street prices. 🙂

1100D is interesting on the other hand, as a fashion accessory with all the fancy colors available. 🙂 It’s a fashion time! Pairing the pink (or was it red) with a white color L lens would look great, in fact it’ll pair really well with those red rings!

My interest lies on the 320EX and 270EX II. Those of you who’ve seen my post on forums and my GUESSED price – it’s pretty close, in fact I’m glad to see that my guess was on the high side – I am so ready to order a few units of those 320EX and 270EX II. 😀

The 320EX and 270EX II are cheap but you (as a newbie) might be disappointed with the lack of power when your friends start to taunt you, saying their 3rd party flash that costs half gives more power output. It’s understandable, a lot of people have been comparing them to ever since the announcement of price.

Let’s just get it straight – flash is not all about power. In my experience, the 3rd party flashes do not give me the build quality, consistency, cycle time and compatibility that I get from Canon flashes.

So, why am I intending to order them? Because I love the small size of them – they’re small and light and gives sufficient power for my strobing purpose. A Nissin Di622 costs far less? Yes, that’s what people are saying but let’s keep in mind they serve different purpose. I’ve used the Nissin Di622 and I could’ve just bought a few of them easily but I never did. 🙂

The 320EX II gives not only gives me the output I need but it also has a video light which is great not just video but also could work as a studio light. The 270EX II being small and light, works as a slave flash as well, which is also a great add on to my little populace of flash for convenient strobing. Not everyone needs the power of 430EX II and 580EX II.

I’ll definitely write about the 320EX and 270EX II once I get them.

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