DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

DiGi organized a blogger gathering yesterday, in accordance to the launched of their broadband service. The gathering was held at Good Evening Bangkok at 1-Utama Shopping Mall.

The Event

For those of you who aren’t aware of the restaurant situated at one lonely corner of 1-Utama, this is what Good Evening Bangkok looks like.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

The bloggers waiting for the event to begin.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

Our evening was very simple, a brief introduction from DiGi’s broadband team, proceeded by a short introductory session of the attending bloggers.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

Dinner was then served, and after that was the introduction of DiGi’s new Internet service. The session ended with a Q&A session and a game where the winner was rewarded a HP Notebook. ( Too bad I’m not the winner la. I usually no luck to win these things. 🙁 )

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

DiGi Broadband

DiGi’s broadband is served on a 14.4Mbps HSPA network. The key highlight of DiGi’s broadband service would be FAST and AFFORDABLE.

Take a look at their packages (taken from their website )

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

And the modems.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

From what I know, DiGi is now offering the USB modems at half price from 19th to 22nd March. Another promotion is where the purchase of HP Notebooks (selected models) also entitle one to the rebates for the broadband subscription.

And here’s what the USB Device look like.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

Those of you who would like to check out the promotions and try out the broadband service, you could pay a visit to their roadshow at the New Wing of 1-Utama.

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

DiGi Broadband Launch Blogger Gathering

My Thoughts

Have I tested it? Sadly no, it’s not that I didn’t want to. It’s just that I was unlucky that they were facing technical difficulties when I paid a visit to the roadshow, I hopped around so many of the show units but none of them seem to be connected to the Internet. Nevertheless others who have tested the DiGi broadband did say that it was fast.

I for one am more than delighted to hear that DiGi’s broadband service comes with mobility! Yes, I checked out their competitor and I thought they seem to be rather nonsensical as they’re offering wireless without mobility (damn huge modem) which I personally think it’s rather pointless, other than the idea of escaping Streamyx’ roller-coaster-style cable connection.

Here, I end my report and I hope you guys could drop by and check out the DiGi broadband yourself, come back and let us know what you think about it. 🙂

*I’ll compile the list of bloggers who attended and update this article a bit later.*

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  1. the problem with Digi is coverage area….. 🙁
    cheaper than celcom and maxis broadband

  2. Lots of nice DiGi girls there… Although I wonder why they’re dressed as lumberjacks…

  3. Author

    with the price and can go mobile, i think it looks alright.

    and yes, lotsa nice DiGi girls. 😀

  4. Considering they speed that they offer when compared to Maxis and Celcom, I think that they are trying to be honest with the customers…

    If I’m not mistaken Maxis even offer a package with 7.2Mbps right? But most of the time that kind of speed cannot be achieved.

  5. The roadshow was quite fun! And the DiGi girls were really helpful and they know their product well too. 5 of my friends and I participated a lot and hung around there for the last 2 days. We sorta fell in love with the roadshow. xD

    The only thing DiGi lost there was to get a larger crowd. Lack of celebrities I guess.

  6. seem like a lot people putting hope for digi, and hopefully they add in more coverage to more place. definitely will beat down another 2 telco.

    I just call up to digi and ask, but i was disapointed to their customer service. they did not really know what the technology for this digi bb, and told me is still using EDGE…

    this make me really blur

  7. goldfries ,t hanks for the picture. Using it in my blog. Hope you don’t get angry ah (i am hotlinking)

    Oh yeah did DiGi give you a test unit to do a review or something ?

  8. Author

    @Xcen – yes, they’re being honest.

    @js – yes, they were helpful and they know their stuff. I was attended by a Katy Perry look-alike.

    @calvyn – I sure hope they give the rest a good fight. P1 didn’t can’t be a good choice for me unless they provide mobility. and damn funny about the EDGE part. 🙂

    @pradeesh – no problem wan la. 🙂 test unit? I hope so. 🙂

  9. i been using digi broadband for few months… very happy with their coverage and also speed.. eventhough most area only got edge but way better than maxis and celcom 3g… i experience maxis n celcom speed can drop even below 100kb but digi edge still maintain at 200kb even in centre of town or remote area… those area got 3g coverage im getting speed above 1mb all the time so far… this is the best service i ever experience for mobile broadband… those looking for stability as mobile broadband i would really advice go for digi. for house only if your area got 3g signal


  10. Author

    good to hear that, i haven’t got my unit. 🙁 been going around with Celcom 3G only. 🙂

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